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Achieve Your Dreams!

Updated on February 2, 2018

Your dreams.

We all are having many dreams in our lives. The dreams that I am talking about is not the ones that we see while sleeping. Anyway everyone knows that. But the difference between them is that the one you see in your sleep is not something you really can attain completely. But the other one is attainable. It can be made into reality. But most of us tend to let those dreams remain just as dreams. That's not what we should do. That is where either we underestimate us or prove ourselves that we are lazy. So that is something we don't want to think about ourselves. No wants to think about themselves as lazy or not capable of doing something. But that is exactly what we are doing when we don't go after our rel dreams.

Real dreams are those which we know for ourselves as something that we should or could do. But we still mark those dreams as unattainable or not possible for us to do. That is what is happening with most of the people. They remain where they are until they go after the real dreams. These dreams becomes their limits. Unless and until they get these dreams they will be in the borders of these dreams. They wont be able to break out of these borders unless they jump the hurdles of their dream. Most of the people are afraid of these hurdles. That is the only reason why they are afraid of their dreams. These hurdles may seem tough or will be hard. That is why Robin Sharma said "We don't deserve success, but we earn it". These hurdles are price we have to pay to earn our success. Success comes when we realize our dreams, the real ones.

Understand What It Takes To Achieve Your Dreams.

Our dreams will be the targets we should should achieve to make us us better off. But we always remember that our dreams should never be one which makes anyone else worse off. Dreams can be for many things. It may be of simple things like getting a promotion in your job, being a good parent. these dreams may not cause much hurdles to many people. But those who are afraid to break out of their daily routine to achieve these dreams will feel that the hurdles are higher. But until they try to get over them they wont be able to achieve their dreams.

Take the case of an employee who works real hard ever 6 days a week excluding Sundays. He might not get much time to spent with his kids or family. But he really wants to spent his time with them. In order to achieve his dream he must be willing to arrange his jobs in such a way that he gets more free time. He should also be ready to leave all his office work at the work place and come home with no thoughts of his work. So he will get enough time to spent with his kids an family. But if he feels that it is impossible for him to arrange his time so that he can get enough to spent for achieving his dreams he will never achieve his dreams. That becomes his limits. He will not be able to go beyond this limit. Even if he thinks it's impossible for him he should try his level best to do something towards his dreams. He might come up with some better idea to make time.

I am not saying that dreams like the one above are small. They are also big for those who can't achieve them. The dream becomes big or small depending on the dreamer. If he thinks that its no attainable it becomes a big dream.

The first thing to do in order to achieve our dreams is to understand what we should do to reach that goal. This process involves listing the activities that should be done to attain your dream. It is better to write it down on a paper. This makes you understand about the changes that you should bring. It helps to make the road you should take more clear. If this is done perfectly you will fell that you dream is not that hard to achieve. This will make you feel confident that you will be able to attain your dreams. So whenever you feel that you are having that dream which you think should be attained, before thinking about how impossible it is, take some time to write down or at least think about the things you should do to reach your dream.

Do What It Takes.

After yo have successfully listed what you have do or change the next step is to do what you have listed. This is the most important as well as the hardest step. Everyone is afraid of a change. No one what's to change but wants to achieve everything. That is impossible. If you want to really achieve something you have to do the tings on our list. But it might seem hard to do those tasks, as most of them will be the changes that we have to make. Unless you do those things and make those changes you dream remains half achieved. And believe me that's some feeling that you don't want in your life. Most of you know about how hard or annoying that feeling is. It makes us think about what it would have been like if we actually acted upon our dreams. But the worst past of this feeling is that it only comes to you when you have no way of doing that. I think an experience from my life will make it simple for you. When I was in my 8th grade I had this dream of scoring at least 90% for all subjects. So as usual I planned the things that I must do in order to achieve this. So the plan was made. I was sure that if I worked according to this plan I will be able to get the marks. The first day of my studies went just as planned. But on the second day I skipped one task and thought that I can do that the other day. But the next day I was not able to do that and along with that I skipped some more tasks and eventually i forgot about the plans. Then the exam came and when I saw hoe hard the questions were I realize about how the questions would have been if I stuck to the plan. The feeling become even harder when the teacher announced my marks. The marks was way below what I planned.

At this stage it is useless to think about what you should have done. You wont get that chance again. So the best thing to do is to avoid that situation. And to avoid that situation you have stick to plan an do what it says. After all you made the plan so you can be sure that, if the plans were made sincerely, it's what you have to do and nothing else. Start acting now and don't wait for anything else. It's your dream so it your's to achieve.


So have a dream you have to achieve, understand what you have to do and act it out until you achieve your dreams. A good movie or book can always keep you motivated. This will be a great help in achieving your dreams. So I hope that all that I shared above will help you. If you have some suggestions feel free to contact me at I always like suggestions and critics as they help me grow, so I hope that you will send me your feedback.

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