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Act Collectively to Halt Global Warming

Updated on November 2, 2010
Stop Global Warming NOW!
Stop Global Warming NOW!

While we cool ourselves in air-conditioned homes, boardrooms, malls, and automobiles, the world outside grows warmer every moment. Just the other day I and my wifey went shopping to Delhi’s Central Market and the heat generated by the growling generators was roasting anyone walking through the small by-lanes where the generators were running.

Who bears the cost of global warming?

So while those who were merrily shopping inside couldn’t bother less about the heat caused by those heat machines, the people outside had to bear the cost of some one else’s comfort.

Isn’t this the story we increasingly witness in the world surrounding us? While we happily shop in giant sized malls with gay abandon, little do we care about the electricity consumed by these malls and the resulting carbon footprint considering the fact that these malls are centrally air-conditioned and have 24 hour backups.

So even when the power supply stops the show goes on and with it the carbon emission in the form of CFC’s and other green house gases. But how long can the Earth sustain mankind’s increasingly high emission, high carbon footprint lifestyle. Surely, something will give away sooner than later.

And the evidence of global warming causing havoc in our daily lives is for all to see. Delhi has seen the warmest April in the last 50 years, the average temperatures in our major metros is steadily on the rise, water scarcity and even water disputes are becoming more frequent and acrimonious. Unexpected flash floods are on the rise, like the one in Rajasthan in 2006.

Collective responsibility to halt global warming

But it’s imperative for our and other species survival that we don’t leave the task of cooling down our planet to heads of states and once-a-year conferences marred by indecisions and poor will. After all, house keeping is a domestic task and in the end it is us, you and me, who have to clean up the rot that we collectively created over these years.

We can start small, in our own individual and collective ways. If you can walk down to the nearby store then you need not take your smoke billowing car along. This will also ease the traffic and provide parking space to someone who needs it more than you.

Do you think it's too late to halt global warming?

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Walk more, drive less, and use the garbage bin please

If you have a metro or local train station nearby use the mass transportation option, which will also fill up the state’s coffers and make available more funds for infrastructure development. Besides, you will not need to hustle and come to blows over that last parking lot on the road.

Another appalling and bewildering habit of Indian’s is the amount of litter we generate. While we keep our home squeaky clean and don’t allow the tiniest of dust particles to sneak onto our costly rug, we mindlessly litter our surroundings with all sorts of garbage, spits, and god knows what.

Books to learn more about global warming and climate change

Spare a thought for the toilers

But why? Isn’t the poor municipal worker who collects the trash the next day a human like us? In fact if our cities are livable, it’s thanks to the thousands of faceless workers who clean up the waste the following morning. Can’t we throw the waste in the waste bin kept besides the shops and eateries?

Every year hundreds of free kitchens or “langars” are organized in Delhi. While this is a commendable practice, the litter generated after the lunch should be seen to be believed. The whole street resembles a dumping ground with no soul throwing the empty paper plate in the waste bin, if there is one, which itself is rare.

Act now while the time's still there

So the next time you throw the polythene bag on the road, remember you are only adding to your carbon footprint and there might be no one to clear up your mess when the time’s finally up.

What practical measures do you suggest to stop global warming?

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    • Michaleus profile image

      Michaleus 6 years ago from Port Harcourt

      It was a Pleasure to read this but I would like to add that in my opinion lots of effort needs to be put into persuading the international oil companies to reduce and if possible avoid altogether the flaring of gas in oil production globally.

    • Vimlaksh G profile image

      Vimlaksh G 7 years ago

      Leaders are letting us's time people made them do something quick

    • rafken profile image

      rafken 7 years ago from The worlds my oyster

      I fully agree, housekeeping or good husbandry, starts at home. However, don't you think that perhaps it has gone beyond that stage. Doing our own bit, individually, will always help, and if,in years gone past, both us and our ancestors had done their part, we may not of been in this situation. Now, however, as well as us doing our part, I feel that leaders of nations and big industries, must also act quickly and responsibly in recovering that, that was lost owing to previous ignorance.

    • dabeaner profile image

      dabeaner 7 years ago from Nibiru

      Global warming, whatever, is not the problem. The problem is too many people. That is the fart in the elevator that few are willing to acknowledge.

      I am not willing to sacrifice ANYTHING. Let the breeders dropping litters of human spawn with no thought of consequences sacrifice and suffer.

    • Vimlaksh G profile image

      Vimlaksh G 7 years ago

      Thanks Prem. Yes, spreading environment literacy is the need of the hour

    • premsingh profile image

      premsingh 7 years ago

      well written. Industrialization and global warming go hand in hand. We've to compromise and find out ways. We have to spread literacy to educate people. How many among us know about global warming, its causes and bad effects? We have habbit to avoid things till they become serious.