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Food & How It Connects us

Updated on March 9, 2012

Food & How It Connects Us

Food connects us in many special unique ways. It has such a way that combines heart and soul and creative minds alike. Most cultures see food in very different ways. Some even think food replenishes ones mind and thought. Given as a gift it can be very fruitful in love, laughter and even honor or respect.

Finding out what we like and who we are comes a lot from what we are and what we like. Food can help us make that decision or at least help. Sometimes food can even balance us out and help save us when no one can't. Memories of your favorite dish are inspired and and bloom in your mind to make you feel self worthy, an acquired taste.

Does food make you more successful ? Depends on what you consider food is to you. Food connects us in a way that flavor shows its authenticity. As an individual, food can help us strengthen relationships,friendships and even bonding with animals. Love is introduced to food most of the time it is used, thus playing a big part of the flavor of ones soul.

Passion can also be released in food, many chefs i know have a uniqueness to them and a acquired taste. We all have a love for food and definitely desire it, the question is why does it connect us so much in many ways besides hunger ? It connects the creative mind with its roots and where we come from, we in fact love to learn about culture and character of change.

We show ourselves personality in our food and are always subject to change due to time. Time has a great effect on how we look at food and how we desire it. Being conclusive, I would think that food has a variety of special interests and that we can connect with it through many cultural aspects. The ripeness of ones interest in food can be fruitiest and show pure self.

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