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Hope & Faith

Updated on March 9, 2012

Hope & Faith

Everyone wants to know about why we are here and where we end up in life at some point and time. What we do with ourselves and how we interact with people on a daily basis has a huge impact on the futures of other peoples lives to come. People in general think day to day that something is bound to happen for them in some cosmic way,this is what we call hope. Hope is a very tricky underestimated ability that we all have,you see most people hope for things to come in their life when we need them the most,but if you really think about it hope is nothing but will power itself.

If you will something enough wouldn't you think that you have a better chance of obtaining that certain goal or ambition or aspirations? Hope is one way to look at the positive side of things, if I stand in the rain and hope that it stops, I am showing enough Faith in myself and the weather or whom ever controls such a thing that my Will is strong enough not to let anyone or anything change it but the Fates of the Future.You see no one knows whats going to happen ,but we can have Hope and Faith that whatever does happen happens for the good and it happens when it happens, there is no cause and no effect just the willpower of ones mind shows that hope has and effect and faith shows us that effect.

Fate can only decide something that has been either foretold or show us what is to come of our lives. Changing our fate depends on the faith we have in hope, I believe. The willpower to change what we can change shows faith and hope allows us to endure what we cannot. I believe anyone can change, but everyone has different levels of willpower so people change very differently. Sometimes people take decades to change built on learning periods in their lives, and everyone learns in their own way in different points in their lives.

Most people seem stuck and lack the willpower to do anything about their Fate,but all you need is hope and faith in the things you do, the things you accomplish, the willpower to accomplish them, and the determination to show someone anyone or even someone special that you know you can make a difference in peoples lives just as I hope and have faith that I make a difference in yours.


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