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Acupuncture : a Close Up Demonstration and Explanation

Updated on May 15, 2012

Acupuncture Close Up

the video shows acupuncture being done on 2 clients
the video shows acupuncture being done on 2 clients

Acupuncture on Video

Acupuncture took away 100% of the pain caused by my fractured femur in one session , so Lars, my acupuncturist, agreed to explain on video how and why acupuncture works.

Simple and clear, the video explains and demonstrates acupuncture treatments very well.

I hope the video brings understanding of what acupuncture is, how it works and why. Acupuncture is not painful. I hope it alleviates any fears or misconceptions regarding acupuncture. It is an amazing natural healing modality that works.

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years by the people of Asia. In ancient times stones were used instead of needles to create the healing that the needles bring today. So, even though it's new to many modern cultures it is not a new medicine, just new to us.

I have had several acupuncture treatments over the course of my life but, because most of my issues have been internal, not easy to see or even feel at times, I doubted the actual healing abilities of acupuncture. Yes, I was a skeptic. I went on and off treatments, never really giving it much faith ... until I was treated by Lars.

Lars Fenske, "the Body Electrician"

Lars is trained in several traditional and natural healing modalities; he refers to himself as a "body electrician"
Lars is trained in several traditional and natural healing modalities; he refers to himself as a "body electrician"

Acupunctist with Skill

Lars Fenske is a DTCM Graduate, Registered Acupuncturist, 20 years experienced practitioner, teacher of Eastern Medicine, Director of the Awakening Wellness Centre and very skilled .

He refers to himself as a body electrician and as he explains acupuncture in the video, you'll understand why.

I had been on prescription medications for almost 2 years by the time I met Lars and he began to treat me. My leg pain was so severe I assumed he couldn't help me. When asked Lars if he could help with my leg and hip pain, his response was a simple "of course", which really surprised me.

Best Natural Healing

Acupucture Works

Lars applied the needles to points which worked so quickly my pain disappeared while I was on the table! It was unbelievable.

I limped in with crippling pain and left with NO pain and NO limp. This was and is a miracle.

I have been off all prescription medications and living pretty much pain free since my first session. I now have acupuncture for very specific aches and pains - headaches, shoulders, neck and lower back pains, as well as intestinal issues, all are being treated successfully.

My experience has shown me that even if we can't see specifically what acupuncture is doing to our body to adjust and heal it, it is definitely effective and that's more than just a leap of faith.

My attitude has changed drastically and I have complete faith in the ability of acupuncture as a feasible non-pharmaceutical healer. It is the BEST pain killer I have ever been given.

I have surgery coming up within a few weeks to remove or replace the hardware that has been keeping my hip attached to my body and I am committed to recovering with the support of acupuncture and other natural healing methods - not pharmaceuticals, and I am confident that I can with support.

It's an amazing left turn that I didn't expect. Life is full of surprises and this is one that too good not to share!

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    • eye say profile image

      eye say 5 years ago from Canada

      Teredrade; glad you found the information A+ and the video an good one, appreciate the confirmation

    • Teredrade profile image

      Teredrade 5 years ago from Florida

      Good video and A+ information, it helps people to better understand the process to this alternative method.

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 5 years ago from Canada

      joanveronica, glad you found it an interesting hub and I'm sure you'll find acupuncture beneficial.

    • joanveronica profile image

      Joan Veronica Robertson 5 years ago from Concepcion, Chile

      Very good Hub, the topic is especially interesting to me, as I plan to start acupunture treatment as soon as I finish paying some of my bills!Congratulations!

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 5 years ago from Canada

      thanks Philanthropy2012!

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 5 years ago from London

      As I've always joked:

      "Acupuncture - A jab well done"

      Great hub :)