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Adding a form to your site

Updated on March 27, 2012

Why do you need a form?

There are many reasons why people add forms to their website. The main purpose would be to gather specific information from their readers/clients.

Commonly used forms

  • Contact Us form
  • Opt-in subscription form
  • Suggestions or Request form

If you are using self installed wordpress.Contact form 7is an excellent plugin which is Wordpress 2.5 compliant. It allows you to add various types forms to your blog pages/posts with a click of the button. I used it to add a contact me form at my blog.

What if you site is not a wordpress blog? What options do you have? is a site that I recently discovered. It is FREE. You will just need to register and can use their pre-designed or custom make your own type of form. There are step-by-step detailed instructions on their site on how to incorporate the form into your website. I created a Hotel Reservation Booking form there for a client of mine.

If you are looking to collect data for building your opt-in list I suggest that try out Aweber. I use it to build up my mailing list for my parenting newsletter. It is a very reliable system that allows you multiple mailing lists and unlimited campaigns and broadcasts.

Test & Check

Before you release your form for the public to use

Test and retest.

Make sure that all components of the form is working properly and it captures the required data that you need.


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