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Adjustment issues in new place

Updated on December 25, 2015

Migrating to new place

Professional and social growth is not less than a rat race and this struggle is mounting with modernization. It’s absolutely fare or rather I should say it’s a necessity to run parallel with the society. Else you will be none other than a forgotten story. But be alert, it is not going to be a bed of roses, especially for the strugglers of Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Leaving Hometown is the foremost and biggest compromise done for better jobs and higher education. Fresh start in an unknown city is not an easy task and requires a lot of planning and research. Moving away from the near and dear ones and accepting strangers as acquaintances will be like a rebirth. Get ready for endless number of compromises- food, clothing, shelter and many more. You are diving into a deep sea of unknown passages and foreigners. It’s obligatory to prepare yourself beforehand to counter all obstacles entering your way.

Common Issues in Migrating

Following are few of problems faced by people while migrating from one place to another. Understanding the issues is the first step in solving them.

  • Problem with Language: Most of the countries like India face change in regional languages after few kilometers or after crossing a particular city. This causes problem for the people migrating from far off places in understanding and communicating with local people.
  • Ignorance to the nearby localities: Most important point for a new person is to get information about the local places like, Grocery shops, markets, local vendors, schools, hospitals etc. These are the common needs of a person and unawareness to these places may cause huge problem specially when shifting to a new place.
  • Accommodation: Accommodation is the foremost thing required while settling in a new place. Anything else can be planned after some duration of time but accommodation has to be finalized even before final shifting. Without the proper knowledge of real estate and residence options, it becomes difficult to finalize the property.
  • Surrounded by strangers: Migrating means diving into a new world of strangers where in you not aware whom to trust. Every second person within the society, college or organization is plotting something against you. It becomes quite difficulty to settle in a new place especially when the friends and colleagues are non cooperative. Also there may be chances that you are surrounded with back bitters that are treating you as friends in front.
  • Financial Issues: You may face financial issues at a new place because starting a new inning is not small deal and need lots of effort and expenditure. Also metropolitan cities are always expensive than tier 2 cities. It takes time to settle down and earn the next salary. Hence till that time one has to be dependent totally on the savings brought from his home town.
  • Home sickness: It is a common problem faced by students or employees staying far away from their parents and friends. Migrating all alone to a new place leaving friends and family behind is not an easy task and needs lot of courage and boldness. One remembers them on every small issue faced during the stay.

Get yourself prepared for the new Place

  1. While shifting to a new place, it’s important to have basic knowledge about the place, its people, food and language. If not the complete language, it is advisable to learn few of the basic words and sentences of the new language. This will help in communicating with local people and get some help.
  2. Try to accommodate yourself closest to the working place and enquire about all nearby places including hostels, bus stands, railways stations, Provisional stores, local market, hotels and medical stores. Accumulate information about the bus routes, auto stands and the fare chargeable. Don’t let yourself be a victim to cheaters and flatterers. Acting smart is the only way to keep them away as innocent people are their easy targets. Contact numbers of daily helpers like rickshaw man, chemist, general store, Milk man, laundry man will aid you in your daily routine.
  3. Accommodation is one of the important factors that need to be finalized before finally migrating. This may be done with the help of few of the friends already settled there or by gathering information using internet. It is advisable to search for a temporary residence for some time and then you may shift as per the conditions and suitability of the place. This will allow sometime to gather information related to the place and also to search for cheaper and convenient places.
  4. Assemble all possible information associated with your college or organization and get certain about your decision of joining it. Don’t get lured by the fantasies shown as result of Promotional activities done by the organization. Variations are always there between the realty and commitments of promotional activities. Situated within the Metropolitan city is not an assurance to the authenticity of the organization. Such cities are the biggest hub of Fake companies and institutes. It’s not a matter of panic rather be cautious and join only once you verify its legitimacy.
  5. Remember that you are in company of foreigners and therefore you need to be watchful at all times. Avoid being a part of general politics within the organization or institute. Friendly and social ambiance is your obligation as well as responsibility. Anything in extent always leaves side effects behind. Here too, being over friendly can be hazardous. Stay limited to formal talks and avoid sharing personal information like financial condition or anything specific about you or family.
  6. Likewise your expectations from a new place, your new companions too have many expectations from you specially your bosses and seniors. It’s rightly said first impression is last impression. Try for the best performance especially in your initial months and earn as much appreciation as you can. Don’t let your lethargic behavior come your way of success.
  7. It is obvious that new inning bring new challenges and there would be many things that you lack in knowledge. There is no harm in asking for help from your colleagues even if it is your boss. Rather your boss will like your attitude of learning new things. Be habitual of taking initiative for new responsibilities and learning new things and techniques.
  8. Apart from challenges in work, your biggest challenge will be the politicians of your company. Such people neither do their own work nor let the other person work. Avoid them as much as possible. There are people who are meant neither to be opponent nor friends. Be formal and professional in front of such people and never criticize any person specially your seniors.
  9. Financial issues are commonly faced by migrants due to limited sources available and it takes time to earn the next salary or income. Hence you should try to control expenditures and accommodate yourself in limited sources available. It is quite necessary to have some savings especially when you are in an alien city. You should always be ready for the sudden problems that may arise from any kind of source.
  10. Family and friends are the strength of any person and migrating away from them to a new place is the most difficult decision. But one has to be strong enough to face all difficulties all alone and prove your strength to the world. To avoid homesickness, the most important thing is to keep oneself busy in work or search for other enjoyment options. Make new friends and visit new places so that to avoid thinking about the home town. But it does not mean to ignore the family member rather one should talk to them on regular basis and make frequent visits to the home town once start earning.

Migrating may be difficult in many aspects but can be made easier and enjoyable if done with proper planning. Gathering required information about the people and place make it convenient.


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