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Updated on May 8, 2011

Why Not Adopt A Polar Bear?

Why not adopt a Polar Bear? As a direct result of global warming Polar Bears and their natural habitat are in trouble. The Arctic ice is shrinking and at the same time starting to melt earlier each year. To compound the problem the ice is also taking longer and later to freeze at the years end. This means that the Arctic's biggest predator is finding it very difficult to hunt. Polar Bears are starving.

It has been predicted that unless action is taken to protect the Polar Bear then they may well become extinct in the wild within 50 years. Good Zoos are collabarating today on conservation breeding programmes but this 'back up' will be of little use if their habitat has gone.

Polar bears are strong swimmers and will take a twelve mile swim in their stride. They seem to know instinctively where they are headed. Climate change is taking its toll however. Bears have been spotted as far as sixty miles out to sea. Where they were headed is no more. There is no return. Polar Bears are drowning. Some bears are stronger than others. One mother bear was documented swimming 426 miles before she found an ice floe on which she could climb out and rest. Sadly her cub did not survive.

These magnificent arctic creatures are in trouble.You can help by adopting a Polar Bear.

The Ice Is Melting - Polar Bears Are In Trouble

Polar Bear Adoption

There are a lot of organisations to which you can approach to adopt a Polar Bear. Apart from it being a kind and helpful thing for any individual to do it also make a memorable, unselfish and different gift for a friend or loved one. Adopting a Polar Bear helps to raise awareness.

Of course you are not going to take your Polar Bear home with you. These super predators weigh as much as 1700 lbs and would quickly wreak havoc in your living room. Polar Bears belong in the wild. Your adoption is symbolic and will support research and fund awareness campaigns and lobbying governments to ensure that they act on climate change. Make the right choice and it will make a difference.

Polar bears, big as they are, are just a small cog in the natural history wheel. The loss of their habitat, their home should be a warning to us all. We should act, me must act before it is too late.

The Shrinking Ice Cap

A Definite Cause For Concern
A Definite Cause For Concern

I'm Looking At You

Polar Bear Peering
Polar Bear Peering | Source

Polar Bear Cub Adoption

Polar Bears are slow breeders and the young are tiny when they are born in their ice caves. When they emerge in the Spring they are amongst the most appealing of all animals. Some may prefer to adopt a Polar Bear cub in preference to an adult bear. Some of the adoption agencies (companies/charities) can cater for this. Like a real adoption it is wise to check before you make your final choice.

Polar Bear Under Water


Mercedes The Polar Bear

 Read about Scotlands most famous Polar Bear.... Mercedes

Polar Bear

A handsome Polar Bear
A handsome Polar Bear | Source


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  • Peter Dickinson profile imageAUTHOR

    Peter Dickinson 

    7 years ago from South East Asia

    Thank You Eiddwen. Sadly I don't get as much time for either writing or reading that I would like. I seem to spend a great deal of time ansering zoo related emails and keeping my finger on the zoo world pulse for Zoo News Digest.

  • Eiddwen profile image


    7 years ago from Wales

    Only one word Peter, beautiful!!

    I have to bookmark this one again. I think that most of your hubs on different animals are in this bookmark slot.

    Thank you for sharing and I push all the buttons.

    I have so many more of yours to read but i am getting there.

    Take care



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