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Updated on March 4, 2014


Prince William Joseph of Wyckoff (#64): Nicknamed "Billy," this juvenile male Atlantic spotted dolphin was easily identified even before he began to develop spots because of an unfortunate scar from a serious shark bite. This injury was well healed by the time the DCP team first saw him 2002. He suffered another shark injury in 2005, but again, he healed very well. He is often found playing with other dolphins and certainly isn't camera shy! Billy is known to be the playfull one out of the bunch!

Prince William Joseph of Wyckoff was named by Samantha Hourihan in september 2004 as a gift for Mr. William Joseph Hourihan. Billy spends the majority of his time in the clear blue waters of the Bahamas, North-West of Bimini Island. DCP research associates spot him regularly during our annual summer research field seasons. Follow sightings of Billy on the DCP website.

Adopt Billy for just $30 for a full year. Check out the Dolphin Communication Project's website for more information on adopting Billy.

Billy is on Facebook

He has his very own page and get the latest sighting updates. DCP researchers will keep you up to date on Billy's antics, and you can interact with other Billy fans and adoptive parents.

Our Adopt-a-Wild Dolphin program

By adopting one of the Bimini dolphins, you will be helping to contribute to the Dolphin Communication Project's research, education and conservation efforts that will directly benefit the Bimini dolphins. The Dolphin Communication Project is a non-profit research organization studying dolphin behavior, communication and cognition. At our beautiful field site on Bimini, The Bahamas, we study a group of wild Atlantic spotted dolphins (Stenella frontalis) that frequent the clear blue waters of the island. Using special underwater video and audio equipment, we have been able to identify and catalog many of the individuals comprising this group, learning much about group structure and dolphin social behavior. Adoption kits cost just $30 for a full year - that's less than $3 a month! We accept all major credit cards (phew!).

What's in your adoption kit?

-An official adoption certificate

-Photograph of your adopted dolphin

-Details on how to download dolphin vocalizations from the Bimini adopt-a-dolphins as a ringtone or audio file

-DVD containing video of the Bimini dolphins

-Biography of your adopted dolphin

-Welcome letter and registration info

-Information Booklet with Atlantic spotted dolphin fact sheet and info about the

-Dolphin Communication Project

-Dolphin trading card sample

Top 5 Resons to Adopt A Dolphin

-Receive unique underwater video footage and images of your adopted dolphin

-Download an actual recording of one of the Bimini dolphin's vocalizations

-Money from the sale of DCP's adoption kits will directly fund research and education efforts that benefit your adopted dolphin

-Choose from over 20 wild dolphins from the Bimini pod each with ther own unique characteristics, life histories and personailty traits

-The perfect gift (for yourself or someone else) looking for a fun but meaningful way to improve the lives of dolphin species and the environment

Adopting a wild dolphin with DCP helps to fund the following

  • The purchase of new research equipment (e.g., cameras, underwater microphones)
  • Conservation and education programs on Bimini, the US and around the world
  • Publication and dissemination of DCP's research results to the scientific community and the general public
  • Maintenance of the DCP website, field reports, and our podcast The Dolphin Pod
  • Classroom education programs for school-aged children including DCP Youth Program, Dolphin Research Trainee, Classroom Connections
  • Volunteer, ecotour and internship opportunities for the public

What do you think of Billy? - Tell him (and us) here!

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    • dolphincommunic profile image

      dolphincommunic 8 years ago

      [in reply to aj2008] That's great aj - that must be with the WDCS - a wonderful organization doing a lot of great work on behalf of whales and dolphins.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      We have adopted a dolphin that lives with the group at Cardigan Bay in Wales. It's great work that you are doing!