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Advaita philosophy embrace all Truths!

Updated on March 5, 2014

There is only One philosophy!

How ancient philosophies stands to test?

Many people who are not conversant with ‘Monism philosophy’ are in dark when the subject of “One alone” is discussed! They vehemently oppose the theory of illusion or Maya advocated by the ‘monist’. Our senses are sharp and they convey lot of sensory impressions to the brain. When a thorn pierces the sole, the eye oozes water. This is the inter connection between various limbs of the body. Secondly, when there is sudden fear, adrenaline rushes. When there is some emotion, our breathing pattern is altered. Yes, we depend on the feelings and emotions and we believe in what we see, hear, taste, and touch etc. since each sense act through a sense organ. Let us now deal with the dreams we experience during sleep. During the dreaming state, the dreams look so real and we undergo the various feelings like anger, love and friendship. In the dreams, sometimes we encounter fearful scenes. We may be chased by a wild beast. We run for our life. All the emotions associated with the fear manifests in your original body lying on the cot. Sometimes, the fear wakes us up and we will be sweating profusely. Only after we get up, we realize that it is only a dream and we are greatly relieved from the fear!

Day long, we undergo various experiences of the waking state. We go to places; we work in our office or work place. We meet friends and entertain them. The body, mind and intellect are involved during waking state whereas the ‘mind alone is active during dream state. The dream state is a manipulation of the mind. It creates a dream world, dream people and dream experiences as though they were real. Psychiatrists attribute dreams to our sub-conscious mind and bent up feelings which lie dormant in some corner without being our aware of it.

Now there is a pertinent question here. Without the mind, we can never cognize the outside world. Also the mind is capable of creating a dream world! How can we say that the mind is not creating a waking world for us? How can we argue that the mind is real during waking state and a sorcerer during dream state? No! It is not subject to logic too. The mind is the greatest illusionist if we can call so! Now we will examine the co-relations between the real life experiences to that of dream experience. In both the situations, we believe the mind in total. But, the waking state clearly proves that the dream experience is only an illusion of the mind and the waking state too is negated during dream state. Can we consider waking mind as true and the mind during dream state as false? But the scriptures point out that ‘even the waking state is a grand illusion when you wake up in real awareness of the Self! Only a very few saints and sages have reached the exalted state compared to ordinary people.

There are only two ways out of it. Either we have to believe the wisdom of those sages and saints or the contents of philosophical texts authored by those who practiced the philosophy fully. We have great stalwarts in spirituality like Adhi Sankara, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda and Paramahamsa Yogananda to quote a few. I have not included all saints since the list will be endless. There is one common thread in the works of all the above saints. Every one asserts that there is only ONE and he is being worshiped by the various people in much number of forms and names. There is sugar and you call it by any name. It is going to taste only ‘sweet’. Likewise, the formless god is like nectar. It can be visualized in any form and any name can be ascribed but in essence, it is pure nectar. Children are aware of ‘sugar dolls’ in the form of cat, dog, man or elephant. Break any part of the various dolls and taste it. It will be sweet only. Hence the mindless confrontations of various religions are absolutely wrong when each religion profess, “All are One, Be alike to everyone”. No prophet or Avatar has really advocated divisions in society so far! It is those ‘overenthusiasists” who ascribe various meanings to their religious texts like Bible or Quran or Zent Avasta! All religions advocate love, peace and non-violence as their cardinal teachings!

We claim we are intelligent species among the creations. But our actions go against these claims. Hence never develop animosity towards others religious beliefs. Never argue that your own religion is only the true religion! All are children of immortality!


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