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Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Tuitions for Schooling Students

Updated on May 22, 2015

Nowadays private tuition has become a trend for schooling students, specially in the Country like India, U.A.E.. Right from class 1, parents send their kids for tuition. I have seen many parents who send even their 4 years kid for personal tuition. Isn't it shocking!!. So this hub will help them to know its advantages and disadvantages.


Advantages of Private Tuitions

  1. Student can spent a fixed amount of time on studies, other than the school hours. Nowadays small kids don't want to open up their books after their school hours. So this can be a better option for them.
  2. Parents are not always expert in all subjects. Sometime they need some help to sort out some query. And at that time tuition teacher will be good help.
  3. In some schools, teacher don't use proper method of teaching. They just go on reading the textbook stuff. So obviously kids are not going to understand it. So for such students private tuitions are necessary.

Disadvantages of Private Tuitions

  1. Students completely depend on tuition and don't attempt to do anything on their own. I have seen many kids who don't apply their mind to solve any studies related thing. They just think that their tuition teacher will help out with it. And gradually they will develop a lazy attitude.
  2. Tuition teacher charges a lot for teaching different subjects. Every parents cannot afford such amount of fees.
  3. Some teachers are only interested in earning money, they don't pay required attention to the kids. So you should be very careful in selecting a tutor for your kids.

So there are both Advantages and disadvantages of Private tuitions. But there are also some conditions (as per me )which will help you to decide on this topic.

Students who can go for Private Tuitions

  • Studying in grade 8 ( Class 8) or higher than that. (Lower class student should try to study with the help of their parents only)
  • If school don't have proper teaching staff.
  • Parents should know what their kids are doing in Tuition classes.
  • Bright student,who need more push to expertise various subjects.
  • Very weak student, who cannot be handled by their parents.
  • Kids, whose parents are not educated enough to teach them.


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