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Adventures In Dreamland

Updated on September 23, 2011

Friesian Horse

First, if this is in the wrong category, I apologize, I have no clue what category it should go under.

I Have always been fascinated by my dreams. The world of dreams was an incredible one where anything could happen. One Night I had the best dream ever. It started out that I was running beside this powerful black horse. Next thing I know, I am riding him. And then suddenly I am him. I can feel the hard ground as my hooves pound away at it. I can feel my great heart beating and the air flowing in and out of my lungs. It was such an incredible feeling.

In a later dream, this same horse returned to my dreams, and I knew his name was Black Thunder. when I came to learn of my native heritage, I wondered if I might have a name, my cousin, Ed McGaa told me I would know it if I did, my dreams would tell me...and that immediately brought to mind the horse. I felt that in my becoming him, perhaps i was to share his name.

Because of my belief in GOD, I do not follow Native American Spirituality. But I do not mock it either. Whether my dream was a spiritual sending or not I don't in truth know. But I do know it was an adventure I will never forget.


Coyote, Palo Duro Canyon

Sometime after the horse dreams I had an even cooler dream. This one happened in a very weird way. If I did not know better, I would say that it was not truly a dream, but that I left my body, and my spirit shifted into animal form. But I am not sure I believe such things are possible, so for now I will leave it in the realm of the dream. Here is what happened...

I found myself running, rather awkwardly, on all fours, in this case, my hands and knees. I was outside and it was night time. I could feel the coolness of the earth as well as its texture. The faster I tried to run, the easier it became. Soon, it was very easy, and I realized I was now running on paws. I knew I was a coyote. I also knew I was headed for the canyon. (Palo Duro Canyon, outside of Amarillo, Tx, where I lived at the time of the dream). I felt everything around me as vividly as if I was truly there. Then, Suddenly, I tumbled over the edge of a shallow ravine and went head over tail down its slope. At the bottom I tumbled into another coyote. As I regained my feet, I suddenly had to pee. With that, quick as a flash, I was back in bed.

I got up out of bed, but I felt very heavy, and it was hard to walk to the bathroom, like I weighed a ton, or like my body was not in phase with itself. I sat down on the toilet, but just before I started to pee, I realized I was not really there, but still in bed asleep. With that thought, I woke up for real, got up and went to the bathroom.

Now that was a crazy adventure in dreamland!


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  • tlmcgaa70 profile image

    tlmcgaa70 6 years ago from south dakota, usa

    ahhh, but Mr Jay, it is important, because if you will notice, the first time I tried to go, I didn't really go, even though I thought I was. once I realized I wasn't really in there, I really woke up...the second time I write it is simply the conclusion of the event and story....

    thank you for taking the time to read my different hubs and comment on the. I appreciate you advice and value it. I also will read each of the links you share with me as well as many you don't

  • Reynold Jay profile image

    Reynold Jay 6 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

    Dreams are real as our brain cannot ditinquish between a dream and reality. Indians treated dreams as such and calulated they were in contact with their ancestors and gods. Dreams play an important part in all my novels. I'm not sure that "going to the bathroom" is that important to the story, and you might want to think about editing that out.

  • tlmcgaa70 profile image

    tlmcgaa70 6 years ago from south dakota, usa

    thank you Nat for visiting. I know i have had dreams that others might refer to as nightmares, but to me they are all adventures...none of my dreams have ever scared me. they might be unpleasant or weird but not what i would term horrifying.

  • Nat Amaral profile image

    Nat Amaral 6 years ago from BC Canada

    Very beautiful. As a Catholic-Christian, I can relate to your beliefs. However, I've had some experiences with dreams. Some pleasant, others not so pleasant. Some of them can be downright frightening.