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Advertising - Nature, Scope & Classification

Updated on April 22, 2016

What is Advertising?

  • When a marketer or a company develop a product to satisfy market demand after carefully analyzing the market, there comes a need for establishing contact with the target market to sell that product.
  • Moreover, this has to be a mass contact so that the product may get maximum exposure to a large number of people.
  • The best way to reach the mass market is through mass communication and advertising is one of the means of such mass communication along with other means, which may or may not using mass communication, like publicity, sales promotion, public relations.
  • As a means of mass communication, advertising promotes the sale of goods, services, images and ideas through information and persuasion. It is important to understand that, advertising by itself can not sell the product which is of poor quality, costly or not up to an expectation of the consumer. Advertising only helps in selling.

Advertising Definition

Advertising is any paid form of non-personal controlled communication by an identified sponsor using mass media to persuade or influence an audience for selling ideas, goods and services.

  • Paid form – Advertisers purchase time or space in mass media to communicate about a certain product or service.
  • Non-personal communication – It is done in a non-personal manner through mass media. Personal selling takes place when a personal face-to-face presentation is made.
  • Controlled – The word "Controlled" provides an important distinction between advertising and either personal selling or publicity. The content, time and direction of an advertising message are controlled by the advertiser.
  • An Identified Sponsor – Advertising disclose or identifies the source of the opinions and ideas it present. This point distinguishes advertising from propaganda.
  • An idea, goods, and services – It is not only restricted to tangible goods.

Nature of Advertising

  • Advertising is a tool of marketing that disseminates information about a product which is aimed at a large number of people at the same time using purchased space or time in various mass mediums.•Advertising messages are delivered through
  • Advertising messages are delivered through the variety of media; television, radio, newspaper, magazine, billboards, direct-mail campaigns, Internet, clothing lines with messages printed on them, telemarketing programs, and even messages heard while someone is on hold on the telephone.
  • Advertising intends to sell and at the same time create an aspiration towards a certain product, which ultimately leads to a vital and persuasive distinction, that makes the product a brand.
  • It is a tremendous challenge for advertisers to design a message which must give an advantage in a highly cluttered world where customers are becoming increasingly proficient at simply tuning ads out.

Scope of Advertising

Promotes organization’s image, ideas, and political views
Promotes a company’s position on a public issue
Promotes product’s uses, features, and benefits
Tries to encourage demand for a product category by informing potential buyers about the product. Product classification helps a business design and execute an effective marketing plan.
Promotes product’s uses, features, and benefits
Compares two or more brands on the basis of one or more product characteristics
Reminds consumers about an established brand’s uses, characteristics, and benefits
Assures users they have chosen the right brand and tells them how to get the most satisfaction from it


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