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Advice from a simple man – Series #2 - Cheap Airline Tickets

Updated on March 5, 2009

This is the second article in a series that attempts to give common sense and advice in a crazy world.


“Never buy airline tickets from a broker or agent until you have gone to the source airline”


There are literally hundreds of websites out there promising the best airfares and best rates to various locations. Some are well known and others seem like small startup sites trying to get in the front door.


My advice is to use one of the main travel website to plan your trip and route. The interfaces that have been developed are very intuitive and give lots of features for flexible travel and tracking down their best price.


Once you have found the best route and price, take note of flight numbers and carrier. Then go the airlines website and get an estimate for the same flights. You will typically find a lower fare and no booking costs.



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