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African - American is a statement of origin, not a race.

Updated on April 4, 2014

Real Africans and Real Europeans.

Charleze Theron is African.
Charleze Theron is African. | Source
Basil Rathbone the original Sherlock Holmes. He's African!
Basil Rathbone the original Sherlock Holmes. He's African! | Source
Naomi Campbell,  not African nor American.
Naomi Campbell, not African nor American. | Source
Seal, not African nor American.
Seal, not African nor American. | Source
Lennox Lewis is not an African American.
Lennox Lewis is not an African American. | Source
Dave Matthews is an African.
Dave Matthews is an African. | Source
Steve Nash is an African.
Steve Nash is an African. | Source

Sherlock Holmes and Charleze Theron

I pay close attention to words and what they mean. Not what they have been twisted into meaning by some group or by slang. For instance, the word gay. Gay has been hijacked by homosexuals who would rather be called a word that has nothing to do with them than to be called half a word that would be a better description, as in homo. Homo has been hijacked by people who don't like them and made it a slang term to demean them but could actually describe a few other things such as milk (Homogenized) and humans (Homo sapiens). There are several more of those terms but that is not why I wrote this Hub.

Jennifer Lopez is Not Mexican.

I wrote this Hub because Black people have decided to call themselves African - American.

Why can't we all be Americans?

You probably call Hispanic people Mexicans when you hear them speaking Spanish. When, in fact, there are many different countries where Spanish is the dominant language that person could have came from which would make them anything but a Mexican if that is the case. take Jennifer Lopez for instance. She isn't Mexican.

Ignorant Racist.

Is that Racist?

No, that is Prejudiced.

Ah haaa! Another hijacked word!

Racist, for the love of all that is holy, look it up and actually read the definition.

This Hub will probably be dubbed by some as racist or prejudiced.

Those people are ignorant and should never be allowed to read again!

Ignorant! Look it up and actually read the definition.

Lazy Bigots.

Forget it! You are all too lazy to look it up so I will include the appropriate link to the definitions of pertinent words contained herein.

Ah haaaa! You thought I was being prejudiced while in fact I was being Bigoted because I was intolerant of the opinion you formed in reference to my Hub.

Now, we have defined several words and are very clear on the meaning of each let us move on to why we are not hyphenated people and just good Americans.

Seal, Not African Nor American, but he is Black.

Black people fought for years to be treated as equal in the USA. Now, equal has been achieved but some argue it has not. I cannot think of one thing that black people are excluded from other than Hockey and that's Canadian irrelevancy anyway.

Why, after years of real struggle, do you achieve equality then demand to be different by being called something that confuses?

Yes, African - American confuses. You call yourself that simply because you are black and that confuses. Unless you were born in Africa then later became an American citizen, that title makes no sense to this Nomadic - European - American.

The Pictures and an Egyptian.

As you have probably noticed the pictures posted of Africans and Europeans do not fit the usual conception of each. This is what confuses me about the title African - American.

I knew a guy from Egypt who moved here and became a citizen of the USA. He isn't black but he is from Africa and became a citizen here which fits the criteria for the African - American title to make sense but he considers himself an American.

Am I missing something?


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    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 5 years ago from Southern California


      Nice hub but what you are missing is a finish that strings all the pieces together.

      It was interesting and then it ended.

      What you have described are words that are used for their inflammatory effect on others, or words that try to make a statement in favor of the groups that uses it.

      The unfortunate thing about words, is that they don't mean the same thing to all people, even if they understand the common definition of the word.

      It is like trying to determine what is pornography. It means different things to different people.

      I do agree that the term African American is not appropriate. Considering the fact that the majority of people calling themselves African American have little to no ties to Africa. They wouldn't move to Africa if it was paid for them to move.

      The roots for the super majority of blacks in the US is the US, and mainly the Southern US. We don't need to preface American with any country. We need to as you say be Americans, I may have taken some liberty here with that statement.

      We can never have equality in the US, as long as we keep the classification of status alive.The Federal Government is doing its best to make equality fail, as they are the primary force in making difference treated differently. When equality would suggest that everyone is treated the same.


    • profile image

      alexsaez1983 5 years ago

      The way I see it, the reason we have these different terms to refer to ethnicities and other groups is due to prejudice. For example, if it weren't for racism, other races wouldn't have been singled out, marginalized and categorized. In short, you could argue that racism created race in the first place. Good hub.