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After College Graduation: What Now?

Updated on June 18, 2013

It has been a long road to that well earned degree in some field you love and hoped might provide a career. You made a lot of sacrifices, as did your parents. The graduation ceremony is now history, a lasting memory for all of your life. You feel like you have accomplished something, just as millions did long before you. The speeches psyched you up, pumped you with achievement and hope.

But, what are you doing now?

Many have turned back the clocks because they have little choice but to move back into their parents home, their room loaded with high school memories. They are back in town again with the old timers, HS friends and relatives that have watched you grow up. Seems like some sort of retrograde movement into the Twilight Zone.

What exactly was accomplished if you cannot find a job in the field you studied for years? If, because of no money, you must go back and live with mom and dad at age 25. Some of you are lucky to find work in your field of study making starting salaries, other peers are making wages from places they worked while in HS, yet they are older. It seems backwards to you. You are suppose to get a degree, start a career, and, and, and...

That was the case not long ago for many, now, even the dirt wage jobs are going to those with college degrees from age 24 to 60. Who would have thought??? But this event is old news, it has been going on for long time, that is, one gets a degree and then for numerous reasons, never is able to get the job they studied for and end up in an entirely different career or job. A college degree that is totally wasted. Money totally wasted. Effort totally wasted.

Many will try to get another degree or continue trying to get a job in their career field. At some point in time, they end the quest and take a different road hoping that it will not also be a dead end.

After graduation is not always a happy time. That moment in the sun passed. Welcome to the real world that college never prepares you for.


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