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Graduation in High School: Feelings and Experience

Updated on April 30, 2012

Having to graduate from high school may be the most wonderful feeling you could experience when you are 16. After all those years of hard work, talking and writing, it just feels nostalgic that everything is finished. No more worries about too much homework and those different subjects that you have no interest in. No more worries of teachers scolding you for the mistakes you have done. No more bullies to bully you every time.Then suddenly, everything seems to stop. The moment you stepped out of that hall where you marched with the people you knew, you start to wonder, "Was these all worth it? Have I done what needs to be done? Have I known the people that I have known?". You start to feel a tingling at the back of your head. All that you see and know will be far away once again. And what would be left is just the memories of both good and bad times. Just like the time when you graduated in your elementary years. As you look left and right, you start to tear, looking at those idiotic, funny faces of your long time friends, also shedding tears - a mixed emotion of happiness and sadness. You then start hugging each other, feeling that warmth that you always knew for one last time. When you reached home, you start looking for the old photos of your friends. You look at them from time to timeand put them away in the same container.

Several days, maybe weeks, maybe months have come by, you wake up in bed, you still remember the last time you saw them. You may have received some text messages or calls from time to time but you want to see them more than you want to hear. A moment silence came as you stare at the white wall above you. But then a snap! You suddenly come to your senses and thought that sometimes you have to let some things go. You find yourself wondering where you'll go next, what areas you should venture. You then finally made a decision to accept and to just move to the the road of your choice. Whether it was right or wrong, you still did it.

You entered college and saw many different faces. At first, there was a bit of fear and hesitations. You saw two or three of the people you know by the bench and you felt relieved. You felt that you were not alone. After that, one by one, you suddenly faced those different faces and they added to the ones that you cherish. You feel that nostalgic feeling again of when you were in high school. "Ah, just like old time, huh?", you said to your self, shedding a tear while looking at the sky.

We grow this way and there is no denying it. We gain some and we lose some. That is how life works until we die. It may seem sad but despite the sadness, you're still happy because you have felt, seen, touch, heard and remembered those faces that you once knew and those faces that is about to come.


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      sona 20 months ago

      very very nice speech may god bless u