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Ag Teacher Projects | FFA Class Projects | Hunting Call Kits | Inexpensive Class Projects

Updated on August 4, 2012

With extremely tight school district budgets agriculture teachers from across the country are finding it more difficult to find inexpensive projects to keep the

Many Ag teachers especially in popular hunting areas are turning to wooden box turkey call kits to give the kids a project that maybe someday will even become a family heirloom. One school has even added the finished calls into a rather significant annual fund raising event.

Turkey Hunting box call kits are inexpensive, easy to assemble, finish and tune for all skill levels. Lesson plans can be combined with the study of wildlife, wild turkeys, their habitat, and then hunting the elusive bird before heading out to the shop to assemble and finish the box calls.

Some teachers target the timing of the semesters so the students will be finished with their calls for the fall hunting season, while other target the spring turkey season when the calls are most effective.

The box call kits are all precut and ready to assemble, meaning there’s no concern with inexperienced kids trying to cut the small wooden parts on power equipment.

A slate friction call kit is also available, but the box call kits are the most inexpensive option.

The kit consists of a walnut base and end caps, two popular sounding boards for the sides, a popular paddle, lid spring and screw. It even comes with a small piece of chalk for tuning.

Hernando High School Brookville Florida FFA class Agriscience Teacher and Chapter Advisor Rick Aherns has just placed his standing order for another 15 box call kits. This will be his third year using them for a spring fund raising event.

Rick has them engraved with the FFA logo and the Coney Island dated event. He will use only 12 for the event having two spares just in case some get messed up in the project assembly. The students number and personally autograph each call as a limited edition before finishing.

The calls are then auctioned at the annual Coney Island fund raiser. The calls have sold upwards to $1500 ea.

Turkey box call kits can be purchased from Cottage Craft Works .com Regular price for the kits are only $8.95 ea but they will discount for schools and for quantities. Kits also ship free with over a $50 purchase.

One Note: If engraving is required, plan well in advance as the engraving is a popular item especially before Christmas. This site has one of the largest selections of hunting calls on the market, they are Amish made and may take several weeks to process engraved custom orders.


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