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Agile Scrum Methodology - Scrum Framework, Roles and Ceremonies- Part 2

Updated on April 5, 2012
Daily Scrum Meeting
Daily Scrum Meeting

Scrum Ceremonies - Daily Scrum Meeting

Characteristics of a Daily Scrum Meeting:

  • Happens Daily - It happens daily with any break
  • Not more than 15 minutes - Duration of the meeting should not exceed 15 minutes
  • Stand up meeting - Its a stand up meeting and no body cares to sit down and relax
  • It is not a place for solving anyone’s problem - People don't discuss day to day project related problems
  • Everyone involved with the project is invited
  • Selected few talks - Only team members, Scrum Master and Product owner can talk. Other people are just for listening.
  • Not a status update for Scrum Master, but for the team.

Every one is just allowed to answer or update on three questions:

  1. What was completed yesterday?
  2. What is planned for today?
  3. Are there any blockers?

Scrum Ceremonies - Sprint Review

Sprint Review meeting is planned at the and of each Sprint to showcase what was achieved or not achieved in the sprint.

Characteristics of Sprint Review meetings are:

  • Team presents what it accomplished during the sprint
  • Typically takes the form of a demo of new features or underlying architecture
  • Meeting is very informal- Typical no slides or ppt. Preparation time for this meeting is generally no more that 2 hours.
  • Whole team participates in this meeting and everyone related to project is invited.

Scrum Ceremonies - Sprint Retrospective Meeting

Sprint Retrospective meeting is held time to time to go through all those things which went well and all those things which could have been done in better ways:

Characteristics of Sprint Retrospective meeting are:

  • Periodically take a look at what is and is not working
  • Typically 15–30 minutes
  • Done after every sprint
  • Whole team participates (Scrum Master, Product Owner and Team)
  • Sometimes customer and anyone else interested in the project are also invited.

In a typical Spring Retrospective meeting, team decide on following actions:

  • Start - What Should Start
  • Stop - What should continue
  • Continue - What Should Continue


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