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Agile Scrum Methodology - Scrum Framework, Roles,Ceremonies and Artefacts- Part 3

Updated on October 17, 2012
Product Backlog
Product Backlog

Scrum Artefacts:

Unlike waterfall or V model of product development, Scrum do not produce load of artefact but only focus on documentation which are essential for the product development. In a typical Scrum, apart from design or requirement documents like user stories there are very few process documents. They are Product backlog, Sprint backlog and Burndown Charts. These will be discussed in detail below.

Product Backlog

Characteristics of a Product Backlog are:

  • Product owner is responsible for preparing and maintaining Product Backlog. - Product owner takes the responsibility of initial preparation and then maintaining and updating it with changes during the course of project.
  • It is a list of all desired work on the products and is derived from business plan. - Product Owner represent business and wishes of business is reflected by the Product Backlog.
  • Product owner need to prioritize product backlog according to business need. - Product owner need to revise the PB as per the priority and situations.
  • Re- prioritization happens at the start of each sprint.
  • Maintained and posted visibly. - Everyone should have access to Product Backlog however only Product owner have rights to change it.

A Typical Sprint Backlog
A Typical Sprint Backlog

Sprint Backlog

Characteristics of a Sprint Backlog are:

  • Individual team members choose their own work and its never assigned.
  • Estimates remaining work is updated daily.
  • Any team member can add, modify or delete Sprint Backlog.
  • If any work is unclear in terms of effort, is defined in Sprint backlog with large amount of time and is broken down later when work becomes clear.
  • It is always better to break the work as much as possible which helps in estimating it correctly.

Sprint Backlog Table

Sprint Backlog Table
Sprint Backlog Table

Scrum Artefacts - BurnDown Chart

Sprint Burn Down Charts
Sprint Burn Down Charts

Characteristics of typical Burndown Chart:

  • It’s a graphical representation of left work over the time period.
  • Useful for predicting when the work will get completed.
  • If the actual task remaining graph deviates in excess from the ideal task remaining, then corrective actions can be taken.


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