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Agriculture Science scope and its fields

Updated on July 27, 2016


Agricultural Science

Agricultural science can be defined as study of agriculture. Agricultural Science is a very board field it further include many disciplines, which are

  • Agronomy
  • Plant breeding and genetics
  • Horticulture
  • Soil Science
  • Agricultural extension and communication
  • Entomology
  • Plant Pathology
  • Food technology


Agriculture can be defined as rearing of animal and plants for the benefit of mankind.We are depending on agriculture for food, medicine, furniture,clothes and numerous applications in many of field of our life.

List of countries by agricultural output



Agronomy is the science and technology which deals with the study of crops and soils in which they grow, for food,fiber, fuel and land reclamation.

Scope of agronomy

  • Efficiently water use because of agronomic knowledge.
  • More crop production with lower capital by using agronomic methods.
  • Tillage methods use for better crop growths.
  • Proper soil fertility management by using inorganic or organic fertilizer.
  • Post harvest loss will reduced because of agronomic practices.


An agronomist aims is to produce more crop production by using minimum input. An agronomist should know all practices relating to agriculture field.

Plant breeding and genetics

Plant breeding and genetics is the art and science of changing traits for producing high quality plants or desired characteristics.

Scope of plant breeding and genetics

Plant breeder produce hybrid by changing traits of plants through breeding methods. A plant breeder must know well knowledge about genetics of plants and breeding techniques for producing high quality cultivar.

Plant breeding

Plants hybird


Horticulture is the branch of Agriculture science, can defined as growing of fruits, flower, vegetables. It is a science of growing of garden plants.

Scope of horticulture

Horticulture branches are

  • Floriculture
  • Pomology
  • Olericulture


The branch of horticulture deals with the growing of ornamental flowers and landscaping.


The branch of horticulture deals with cultivation of fruits.


The branch of horticulture deals with the cultivation of vegetables.


A horticulturist is a scientist who use scientific knowledge in order to cultivate better fruits and vegetables to attain more yield.

Horticultural crops in nursery

Landscape designing in horticulture

Soil Science

Soil science is branch of agriculture concerns with the study of soil structure, classification and formation. Soil is necessary for plant growth, so that soil studying is also important in agriculture.

Soil scientist

Soil scientist of plants use the scientific knowledge by studying soil, so that plants grows well in suitable soil.

Soil science

Agricultural extension and communication

Agricultural extension is spreading of agriculture scientific knowledge to the farmer. Farmer have great importance in agriculture, farmer must know about new innovation in agriculture. The communication about agricultural information between agricultural stakeholder and non-agricultural ally is known as agricultural communication.


Agricultural extension worker is the one who tells farmer about latest innovation in agriculture and guide the farmer.

Extension worker


Entomology is the branch of agriculture which involves scientific study insect. In agriculture some pest cause severe effect on crops which cause damage, thus reduce yield of crops.


Entomologist, study insects, also work on how to control pests which cause damages on crops.



Plant pathology

Plant pathology is the scientific study of plant diseases, environmental conditions and methods how to control disease. Disease could be cause by fungus, bacteria,virus and nematode.


Plant pathologist tells about severity of disease, how to control and also study the factors which cause disease.

Mechanism of disease

Symptoms of disease

Food technology

Food technology deals with the procedure that make processed food. Food which is preserve have long shelf life, so in order to prevent post harvest loses is better to processed the food through food technology.


Food technologist test the processed food and make the foods which have more shelf life and slow deterioration process in fruits.

Food technologist

Agricultural fields

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