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Albert Einstein and his Epic Decision changed the fate of the entire World

Updated on July 27, 2012

Einstein's Influence was huge


True power lies in the Genius of the mind

It took one extremely motivated soul to prove to the world that there is more to things then just accepting knowledge for what it appears to be, especially things that were considered accepted by most people to be actual fact. One determining factor that lead Einstein to keep on going with his intense scientific research, he went from working in a patent office, to becoming a Professor of Physics at Karl-Ferdinand University in Prague in 1911. He also earned the Noble Prize for Physics, in the year 1921 with his knowledgeable physics papers he wrote on the photo electric effect.

There were many role changes Einstein experienced all throughout his academic career, but the remarkable thing is he always seemed to step up to the occasion, and became a leader of scientific minds in his days. This had truly set him apart from the average scientific mind, and began a new trend many scientist became determined to follow. This form of leadership of a noble scientific cause, had also lead him to become highly influential when it came to world leadership, during post World War II days, and right before Hitler came to set aim at clashing with European countries.

Knowledge itself about the physical world around us as well as the not so visible one, has unfolded for us all a powerful revealing reality, and even helped us to create such things as the atomic bomb. Einstein actually helped to influence the research into its eventual creation, back in 1939, when he met with a group of physicist to discuss the potential of nuclear weapons being developed, and used against the United States and the world as a whole, during World War II by Nazi Germany. So this lead to the race to create such a weapon of mass destruction, which began with a very influential letter signed by him, but he played no part in the nuclear weapons actual creation itself.

Experience this knowledge from an MIT professors perspective

President Franklin D Roosevelt lead the US to victory in World War II, using the Manhattan Project (Atomic Bomb) as a statement to the global powers, that he had the last word, and that was to end all wars it might just take a big Bang!
President Franklin D Roosevelt lead the US to victory in World War II, using the Manhattan Project (Atomic Bomb) as a statement to the global powers, that he had the last word, and that was to end all wars it might just take a big Bang! | Source

How the Manhattan Project was born and delivered

Certain things occur in human history that verge on the point of insane, and some moments may have been summed up by the amalgam accumulation of many years of trial and error. Experimental data has always had its way on the world of science, and when it begins to emerge onto the scene's of our true physical world, sometimes it all ends with a big bang, and oh so very explosive it all became, back in the mid 1940's.

The Atomic Bomb was born and was assigned the title of the Manhattan Project during the year 1939. During this very significant moment in time there was several personalities and well known world figures that had all played their part in the coordination of its implementation as a nuclear weapon, the strategic positioning of it in the United States, out of all the countries and continents on the globe, and the effective use of such a destructive weapon.

Albert Einstein's part that wasn't played in the overall making and eventual testing and usage of such a world power and destructive phenomena, but his influence got it signed into effective action as America needed help in their declaration of national defense against Nazi Germany, and a document known as the "Einstein-Szilard letter" was signed by Einstein himself, during World War II to be given to President Franklin D Roosevelt, which got the project off and running in an all out defensive stance. The actual letter had informed the president ahead of time that Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler were in a hot pursuit of a nuclear weapon of their own, and so it all began there. This all with the help of two physicist known for their own prowess in the nuclear physics world one names Leó Szilárd, and the other named Edward Teller.


The Letter's and Outcome!

This true reality of such a grave importance which was suggestive of such a letter, had also influenced the United States to take greater precautionary measures during such a time of war and utter peril for most parts of the globe that got pulled into this global conflict of the World War. Now if it wasn't for the great minds of our modern day era, the chances that Adolf Hitler, having rose to absolute power, would of potentially happened, and the world as we know it today may have not looked or even felt the same for us all.

Thank god the weapons fell into the hands of much more civilized, and democratic like people who weren't as ungodly or so inhumane as him, but the United States did in fact utilize such a powerful weapon of mass destruction, the atomic bomb and it has shown humanity one sign, that can never be forgotten, those who've suffered such a tragic fate have all went down in history as the fallen victims of one day in infamy to always be remembered.

This letter was very crucial in beginning the Manhattan Project, and was definitely something that came as a true influence in the research that was required as well as the actual making of the ungodly weapon. In the end though, Albert Einstein denounced America's use of the atomic bomb on civilians in Hiroshima, and Nagasaki on that god forsaken infamous day in history when they dropped the bombs, back on August 6th and 9th of the year 1945, which created a huge Mushroom cloud over both locations in Japanese air space, suffocating their entire atmosphere while taking the lives of many innocent victims children, woman, men, and all forms of organic life, due to the nuclear fission and the splitting of uranium-235, causing a nuclear chain reaction that shattered everything in its path on a subatomic scale.

Einstein Opposed

Albert Einstein actually was against the use of nuclear weapons as a war machine of sorts, and condemned the United States government for using such a weapon against humanity in World War II against Japan. He signed another document known as the Russell–Einstein Manifesto, in which he was totally opposed to its destructive usage, and this document presented the well defined dangers of using nuclear weapons. It also attempted to prevent its usage as a means for settling disputes, global conflicts, or differences amongst us humans.


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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      I also think this kind of info helps those who haven't got into science much for sure, and especially those who are somewhat pseudo-intellectuals like myself lol, who learned much of it for passing school courses, but haven't truly dug deep into the minds of such great and fascinating people such as Einstein yet.

      Thanks for the cool insight here, and I definitely heard of this historical fact, and seen parts of its torn apart in some movies, but I never truly researched it all to discover the truth behind such a thing as the Manhattan Project, and so this write up was fun and illuminating for me for sure.

    • shiningirisheyes profile image

      Shining Irish Eyes 

      6 years ago from Upstate, New York

      Anyone who has not read up on this fascinating history should do so. Although you have done a fine job of summing it it.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks @Debbie for the visit, I did my best to research all about this very significant moment in our world history, and science has once again played is role with Einstein at its all knowing crucible.

    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 

      6 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      wow this is amazing research Mike.. Great job.. and so interesting..

      I love history.. I knew about the Manhattan Project and Albert Einstein..

      sharing when Facebook lets me



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