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Alexander Hamilton - A Personal Comparison

Updated on October 13, 2017
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Daniela is a current student who aspires to make a change with her words by writing about the world around her and everything in between.

Alexander Hamilton and Me: How A Young Girl Relates To A Founding Father

“Those who stand for nothing fall for nothing,” stated one of the most influential Founding Fathers of the United States, Alexander Hamilton. Known for his complex work in the foundation of the nation, as well as the growth of the country, Alexander Hamilton was a man that many can relate to. Born in the Caribbean as a penniless, illegitimate child, Hamilton underwent a series of events that drastically changed the course of his life. However, this only fueled Hamilton, as he began a relentless quest of constructing an everlasting legacy. He ultimately succeeded.

I can relate to Hamilton in many ways, one of how we are both immigrants. My place of birth is Mexico, and only 4 years ago, my family and I decided to move to the United States in search of better opportunities. Just like Hamilton, I was passionate about pursuing an educational path that will help me achieve my dreams. Hamilton, at 19 years of age, attended King’s College (now Columbia University) and gained a certification as a lawyer. Similarly, I did everything in my power to, not only grasp the new language of English, but also learn additional concepts that will aid me in the future. As of right now, my main goal is to graduate High School with the best grades that I can possibly acquire, which will inevitably help me when applying for my dream colleges.

By coincidence, one of the first universities that truly gained my attention as a possibility for the future was Columbia, due to the fact that this school offers an excellent program for aspiring writers. This relates to another similarity between Hamilton and myself, which is an unbridled passion for writing. Throughout his life, Hamilton composed volumes of declarations that defined his character and achievements. Notably, Hamilton wrote a beautiful letter to his absent father after his homeland was destroyed in a chaotic hurricane, which lead to the surviving people of the island donating money to send him to the colonies (which would later become the United States.) After this, Hamilton never faltered in his writings. During the American Revolution, he became George Washington’s right hand man, and used his talent for words to gain support for the Americans. When the United States was born, Hamilton used his studies from King’s College to defend others in legal pursuits, and arguably became the best lawyer of his time. Furthermore, he used his education on the political sciences to defend the US Constitution in a series of essays titled The Federalist Papers. Hamilton wrote 51 of the 75 essays, those which gave extraordinary depth to the document that this nation continues to uphold.


Like Hamilton, one of my greatest desires is to make a change in the world. Not for the fame, nor for the glory, but merely for the personal knowledge that I helped create a better world for all of us. While I am still young, I have begun to exercise my writing skills every chance I get, since I know that plastic pens and wrinkled papers will become my dearest allies when I finally try to reach my dreams. While analyzing Hamilton’s character, I learned many things, such as how when we compare ourselves to others, we should merely do it in the hopes of learning more about our inner beliefs. This is how I uncovered a truth about myself, something that I had always known, and yet, never quite admitted. While Alexander Hamilton’s main goal in life was to build a legacy, my goal is to shed light upon forgotten heroes. I want to be the one to uphold their legacies, to tell their stories. From the children who look at the world with twinkling eyes of wonder, to the immigrants who leave their fingerprints in their new land. At the end of the day, it is not up to us if our names will live on, even after we breathe for the last time. All we can do is ponder on the endless possibilities of our futures. But, whether today or tomorrow or the day of our death, one question will always remain in the back of our minds- who will tell our story?

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