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Alien Abduction & Contact

Updated on December 4, 2012

The Mystery of Alien Abductions & Contactees

Sleep Paralysis, Alien Abduction or Psychotronic Interference?

Alien abductions are a common phenomenon that seem to happen in many victims bedrooms during sleep and is therefore often blamed on sleep paralysis. Many people who suffer with sleep paralysis claim to have out-of-body experiences, sometimes whereby they find themselves looking down over their own body, as though their soul has left their physical self. Others describe much scarier scenarios including seeing unearthly beings.

After intensive research both alien abductees and psychologists have come to the conclusion that the sleep paralysis theory just doesn't quite hold up and certainly doesn't explain all so-called alien abductions. However, mind control is a very real phenomena that could very well be linked. Subliminal transmissions via images, sound, RF signals and even electromagnetism can be used as ways of creating false memories and so can hypnosis. Could alien abductions all simply be hoaxes or mind control illusions which play a part in the plans for a new world order?

Or could alien abductions be a result of psychotronic interference? Or possibly even false memories implanted during (or before) regressional hypnosis?

Alien Abductees

Declassified government documents now exist in relation to the remarkable 1975 Travis Walton abduction. Six other people witnessed the UFO that abducted him and he genuinely went missing for five days. Barney and Betty Hill were allegedly abducted in 1961 and under regressional hypnosis Betty drew a map of a star system which is now recognized as Zeta Reticuli. Her information coincides with that of whistleblower Robert Lazar. Despite the sleep paralysis theory, during these two famous and remarkable incidents the alien abductees were not taking during sleep, they were all wide awake and fully alert which adds a lot of credibility to their stories. In the case of Travis Walton, all five people present witnessed the UFO and they all passed polygraph (lie detector) testing. This shows that all five witnesses genuinely believed that what they saw was an extraterrestrial spacecraft. Walton was the only person who was actually taken aboard the craft, after being hit with electromagnetic radiation.

Although Travis Walton went missing for five days and believed that he had been abducted, upon further reflection Walton now believes that the aliens took him on board to make sure he was okay after being hit with radiation - Walton had got out of the car and walked right up to the craft before being thrown back and knocked out by some kind of invisible force.

Alien Contactees

Alex Collier is probably the most interesting contactee and offers the most amount of information. A lot of his claims have come true (though many others haven't). There is clearly a lot of disinformation/misinformation thrown into the mix as always with these cases, possibly via some kind of psychotronic interference which could be why he believes that he has been in contact with humanoid extraterrestrials from the Andromeda constellation since he was eight years old. Maybe he genuinely has. One thing is certain, he knows something and people who know something they shouldn't often get targeted.

Manipulation of Weather, Mood & Mind

Commonly becoming known as a weather manipulation weapon and possibly even used for psychotronic interference, many people claim that HAARP is capable of causing earthquakes and psunamis. Alex Collier claimed in 1994 that HAARP is used to shoot a particle beam into the ionosphere in order to revitalize Earth's magnetosphere with the byproduct of causing earthquakes and psunamis. Many people are now convinced that HAARP is being used as a weapon of mass destruction and to induce artificial earthquakes. Some people also now believe that HAARP could also be used as some kind of mind control device and used to perform psychotronic interference.

Psychotronic (or psycho-electronic) interference and warfare is already an official reality and declassified documents shows how the Russians have already experimented with such technology. As explained, subliminal messages can be masked inside of all sorts of invisible signals and Psychotronic interference can therefore be used to implant false voices, memories and visions into the mind of a target in order to sway their perception and beliefs.

After being confronted with a 600-page government report confirming what Collier had claimed in the nineties, Managing Director of HAARP John Heckshler got caught out on video and was forced to admit that this is indeed how HAARP actually works.


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    • lisadpreston profile image

      lisadpreston 6 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

      I'm one of those people who believe HAARP is used to manipulate weather and is causing some sort of problems with our minds. Thanks for bringing this issue to the public.