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Alien Earth part 1

Updated on October 19, 2011
Hunters | Source


At first men would kill each other to protect their food source.

Then in the dark ages men would go to war to increase their power by ruling over more people and also to gain the land to feed their people.

In the middle ages men would go to war for their faith or religion. Killing others to try and convince them that their invisible God was more powerful than the others invisible God.

Today man will go to war, not for food, land or religion but just to secure the resources that the land may hold.

Why is it then that we call our ancient forefathers primitive and ourselves civilized?

Of all the hundreds of thousands of different species on our planet, humans are the only ones that will kill another living species for sport or vanity.

Why is it then, that we call them beasts or wild animals whilst claiming that we are humane?

Our actions must seem “alien” to the other creatures on earth.

New Attitudes
New Attitudes | Source


Is it our own actions that have led us to be so paranoid?

If our violence and attitude is so unique in such a large amount of species, why would we assume that any intelligent aliens would think like us?

Mathematical odds would probably mean that they are non violent and respectful of their surroundings, curious perhaps but not destructive.

This would account for the reasons why UFOs that are reported, only seem to stay long enough to observe before disappearing. It would also account for why those claiming to have been abducted, are returned unharmed after a few tests.

Many people believe that there must be other intelligent life forms in the vastness of space, yet we have as yet, not been able to contact any.

Is it possible that in the universe there are in fact hundreds of advanced intelligent life forms and the only reason we have not been able to contact any, is because they are avoiding us like a plague?

If we truly want to achieve interstellar travel, we do not just need to find new technology, we also need to find a new attitude.


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    • PETER LUMETTA profile image

      PETER LUMETTA 6 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      What would you do if you encountered a group of beings that wanted treasure instead of food and water? Or if they killed and tortured their own kind for no reasons just imagine what an "Alien" could expect. No thanks, I agree that they are avoiding us.


    • JGoul profile image

      JGoul 6 years ago

      I think increased intelligence can lead to increased violence. Animals aren't peaceful; they're self-interested. They kill freely, without compulsion, if they see it as advancing their interests. The human race is willing to use violence in more situations because our increased brain power and capacity for abstract thought allows us to do identify a far greater number of situations where another person is harmful to our interests.

      I wonder if there might be a Maslow's hierarchy of needs type concept here... Animals fight to ensure food supply and reproduction; humans have mastered their environment to a greater extent, so more subtle needs are assigned greater importance.