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Alien Earth part 2

Updated on October 19, 2011

We are Unique on the Planet

Earth | Source


In part 1, I spoke of how our attitude toward killing and destruction is unique to our species.

I spoke of the odds of an alien intelligent alien life form having an attitude like ours was remote.

I also mentioned that alien life forms may even be avoiding us.

In this second part I’ll take it one stage further.

Some people have concluded that as we are so ill equipped to live on our planet, that we are in fact aliens to earth.

Of all the species on the planet we are the only ones without either fur, scales or feathers. We are the only ones that have to make clothing to protect us from the natural elements.

Although other species may make some kind of shelter to protect their young from predators, we are the only ones that have to make artificial shelters to again protect us from the earth’s natural elements.

UFO | Source


Those people that believe we may be alien to earth think that we originated on another planet and moved to earth. How though and why?

Interpretations of writings by our ancient ancestors, tell of aliens. Even some passages in the Bible can be interpreted to the mention of aliens.

If aliens were on the earth then, why did they leave?

Is it possible that an advanced race of aliens found that the human’s trait for violence and destruction was unwelcome amongst them? They therefore sought and found a planet suitable as a penal colony, earth? Is it possible that they brought us to earth to abandon us to our own devices; thereby ensuring that our ways could not corrupt theirs?

If they did this and they truly were a “humane” race, it would surely follow that before abandoning us to an alien planet, they would first assist us in building our first habitats: cities and the like.

Scientists have long claimed how they cannot conceive how our ancient ancestors were able to build some of their cities and other structures without some kind of alien assistance.

It would also explain the supposed UFO sightings.

Could it be that the aliens that brought us here are periodically checking on our progress?

Is it that they want to keep reassuring themselves that we are not capable of interstellar travel and cannot, as yet pose a threat to their own cultures?


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    • Acheolis profile image

      Acheolis 6 years ago from USA

      I love this! Can't say I have seen a UFO before, but it is without a doubt to me, possible.As far as them checking up on us my guess is no. If they have the technologies at this level , compared to us, we could never in a million years pose a threat. It's clearly the other way around. Seeings how many people think they assisted in ancient times. Why would they then turn around and feel as if we all of a sudden know more than them? Great article!

    • profile image

      ruffridyer 6 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      I was gonna check this as funny but decided you might be serious.