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Health Secrets of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Updated on April 23, 2014

What is Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide?

Nearly all of us are familiar with the 3% hydrogen peroxide sold in pharmacy/grocery stores. This popular pharmacy grade hydrogen peroxide cannot be taken internally because it contains stabilizers designed to prolong shelf life. The label on a bottle of common 3% hydrogen peroxide warns us to seek medical help or call Poison Control if swallowed.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide is different. While it is many times more potent than the 3% pharmacy grade, it contains no toxic stabilizers or preservatives. When a product is labeled as food grade it means that the processing and the packaging has been done with clean equipment and it can be safely eaten by people.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide has been approved by the FDA for a variety of food processing uses. 35% food grade is used in the production of foods like cheese, eggs, and whey-containing products. It is also sprayed on the foil lining of aseptic packages containing fruit juices and milk products. The food grade classification is what allows it to be used in food processing and packaging. It does not mean that it can be taken internally without being diluted. In fact, the FDA issued the following warning in 2006:

FDA has never approved high-strength hydrogen peroxide to be taken internally and considers hydrogen peroxide at 35 percent strength dangerous, even if handled according to the manufacturer's directions. High-strength hydrogen peroxide -- more than 10 times stronger than the solution used in over-the-counter drugs to disinfect minor cuts -- is highly corrosive. Ingesting hydrogen peroxide can cause gastrointestinal irritation or ulceration.

What the FDA Report Does Not Say

What the FDA warns about is absolutely true. If not diluted it can be extremely dangerous and even fatal. No one recommends ingesting 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide without counting each drop and diluting it in at least 4 ounces of distilled water.

Even diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide can chemically react with certain other substances, creating a very toxic substance which can severely damage the stomach. The One Minute Cure advises not eating at all for three hours prior to ingesting food grade hydrogen peroxide, then waiting an hour after ingesting.

Webster Kehr is an independent cancer researcher. He publishes many articles on alternative cancer treatments. In an article entitled, "Hydrogen Peroxide Cancer Treatment" Kehr writes,

For two hours BEFORE taking hydrogen peroxide orally (with water) and for one hour AFTER taking hydrogen peroxide, the foods in this section should be avoided!!

Kehr goes on to list foods which must be avoided - vitamin C, fatty acids, and any food containing iron. The safe route would seem to be to follow The One Minute Cure and avoid all food for three hours before and an hour after taking hydrogen peroxide orally (with water).

A final note from Webster Kehr's article,

"I would not put the drops of hydrogen peroxide in anything but the highest quality distilled water you can find. Also, always use glass drinking containers. Hydrogen peroxide may leech a little plastic off of a plastic container. The plastic containers used by the vendors to ship H2O2 are special plastics which the general public does not have access to.

Handle With Care

At 35% strength, food grade hydrogen peroxide should be handled with great care. It will burn your skin if it is spilled so it's a good idea to use rubber gloves if you have them. It is also flammable. Flush with water immediately if it comes in contact with your skin. To repeat, never ingest undiluted hydrogen peroxide.

NOTE: The information contained herein is for educational purposes only and not meant to diagnose illness or meant to replace a doctor's advice

I hope I have given you a clear understanding of food grade hydrogen peroxide. Following instructions is important. Have the discipline to follow the instructions to the letter. Lack of oxygen is one of the most overlooked problems in the human body. Oxygenating your body is one of the most powerful things you can do for your health. It does take discipline to do it right, but the potential benefits for your health are enormous. There are many ways to increase oxygen in your body. This is the most simple and by far the least expensive.

Do It Right and Follow Instructions

The most clear and easiest to follow schedule for ingesting hydrogen peroxide is available in The One Minute Cure. A table tells you exactly how many drops to add to distilled water and how often to drink it. The book can be downloaded for free by going to Google and tying in "The One Minute Cure pdf" Click on the Freedom School website and download in pdf format.

Starting with three drops in a glass of water, you increase the drops each day for the first 23 days. On the 24th day, you begin decreasing the drops until you reach the maintenance level of 3 drops in 6-8 ounces of distilled water - three times a day. Again, you can find all this information in The One Minute Cure. When the book was written the cost of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide was about $13 for a 16 oz. bottle. Today, the price has doubled to about $13 for an 8 oz. bottle.

Stay Healthy

"If you could properly oxygenate all the cells in your body, then most diseases would be prevented, or cured if you have one." - Love Has Forgotten No One

I began taking hydrogen peroxide according to the schedule recommended in The One Minute Cure because I believe in the author and other doctors who are using the therapy and writing about it. I am not a scientist or a doctor myself. My purpose is to share information and do my small part to help you make the best decisions about your health.

Hospitals and clinics are more likely to administer hydrogen peroxide intravenously, that is by IV drop. This takes long hours and requires appointments and medical bills. Drinking food grade hydrogen peroxide is an alternative that is not only convenient but very inexpensive.

Click the link below to order yours today. I have been taking it according to the dosages charted in The One Minute Cure and have experienced absolutely no side effects or problems of any kind. The 8 oz. bottle has lasted through the first three months, and there is still plenty left.


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