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All Great Men Had One Quality-Persistence

Updated on August 13, 2012

All Great Men have one single quality

Yes, all the great ones of our history had one single quality, which distinguished them from the ones of the same time. This quality has repeatedly proved that those who possess this surely have the key for their success in whatever field they may be. Even humanity has come to this stage of evolution after so many difficulties just by possessing this quality.

Yes, “Perseverance" is the quality I am talking about. Even hard-core terrorists have this one for accomplishing their deeds. Such is the power of this quality. Every human being should possess this magnificent quality to go through the challenges and achieve their goals in their life.

Napoleon, in fact had decided early in his life that he would be the emperor of France someday. But he did not openly discussed about his dream with anyone, fearing mockery or prison. However, he had this dream all through his early stages of his life and that was the main inspiration for him to join the army. It is said that when all of his co-soldiers were having good time when they were not in war, Napoleon was busy planning for his next move to go higher in his ladder. He was constantly thinking of one thing that is to become the emperor of France. And he achieved it and still he is remembered as the greatest Emperor France had ever had. The quality of perseverance was the key for him to succeed. He never gave up.

Bill Clinton, who was one of the charismatic President of USA, also had the ambition of becoming the president of his country at an early stage. He even told Mr. Kennedy , the then president of his teenage days, while shaking hands with him in an event that “I want to become the president of this country” , when Mr. Kennedy asked him “What do you want to become in future?”

We can come across many people who have inspired the world and us by just never giving up their goals and fighting till the last only to achieve their ambitions. Let us also develop this quality and be useful not only to our own self but also to this world.



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