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True Love Transcends The Human Experience Yet Is Also Very Much A Part Of It

Updated on November 6, 2009

I have quested and sought my entire life to better understand 'love' more completely if such can even be possible.  I know from a very young age, I was very drawn to people.  I loved talking to them.  Anywhere and everywhere.  My mother would fuss at me for talking to strangers.  And yet some part of me knew, felt and sensed that there really are no 'strangers.' Something connects us all.  Call it a life force from God, or creator or source.  Call it love.  I always knew that some infinite cord connects us all and that is why I have always been able to relate to people as an empath and connect with them.  That makes me a good friend and listener.  As I am a poet I often write poems to help me better understand concepts. 

On Feb 14th 1988 I asked my muse to give me a poem about 'higher love' and this is what she gave me!


I am a part of all that is.

All that has been and all to be born.

The spark of life which leads us to this earth

is the same spark giving birth to each morn.

The life force which causes the seed to sprout.

The roses to bud, blossom, and fade

is the same force which set this world in motion.

The moon, the stars, and all planets it made.

This energy is the mother of thought.
The father of courage, goodwill, and love.

It inspires the dreamers who search for more.
and gives beauty to the purest white dove.

The life force takes the eagle to flight.
It gives the sailor his love for the sea.

When the spirit yearns to merge with the all.
it answers the soul’s fervent plea.

It permeates the mountains, the hills, the wind.

It directs the tide which forms rolling waves.

It tells the story of life through art
for self expression and creativity it craves.

I am a part of all that is.
All that has been and all to be born.
When the spark of life takes me from this earth.
I shall be greeted by the new morn.

by Michael Dennis


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    • Mike Dennis profile image

      Mike Dennis 8 years ago

      Yes we are a part of all that is.

    • Sherri Cortland profile image

      Sherri Cortland 8 years ago

      What a beautiful poem!

    • Mike Dennis profile image

      Mike Dennis 8 years ago

      Gary, You are a POET at heart and a MYSTIC too among other things. And your pictures of NATURE touch my soul. I have to have my PLANTS ALL AROUND ME CONSTANTLY. Yes, they do talk to me, lol, but true. yes, I visited a hub of yours and commented. I look forward to reading more. I just posted a couple more you may want to check out. NAMASTE TO YOU, KIND SOUL. .... Michael

    • qlcoach profile image

      Gary Eby 8 years ago from Cave Junction, Oregon

      A beautiful message and lovely writing. For me, I describe this mystical process of connection to Source Energy as a process of walking in the Light. Hope you will visit some of my HUBs too. Namaste....Gary.