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All of One Mind - Accepting the Collective Unconscious

Updated on May 24, 2014

We all share one mind

The expression ‘All of one mind,’ is both a truth and a misnomer. It is a misnomer in that no two people have exactly the same knowledge. No two people have the same beliefs and thereby an opinion which agrees one hundred percent with what is in the mind of another is impossible. There is always a margin of difference. However, it is postulated that we all share one mind – one great mind for all of Humanity. This last is what has been told to us by many of our world’s great spiritual masters. “We are all One.” All One in what sense? - In our essence. In our being. We are the awareness. We are the witness, the observer, the experiencer of our individual lives. We are not that which appears to be but that which IS. Our physical bodies, or thoughts, or emotions are not us –they are of us.

The quantum leap most cannot comprehend

When God was asked by Moses – if one can visualize with the scene – “What are you?” God replied out of the burning bush. “I am that I am.” No further description was given. But we ordinary human beings were unable to make the quantum leap: the “I am” is our own I am as well as the Infinite’s or the All Mighty’s awareness. “Do ye not know ye are gods?” asked Jesus Christ. And in reference to the miracles he performed. “He that he believes in me (not the individual man Jesus but in the Christ Consciousness we all have) “greater works than these will he do.”

It is our beliefs that hold us back

Our belief is that we are only men or only women or only children but our interpretation of that word only is what is holding us back from the realization of what we really are. We truly are gods! Or maybe I should say that each and every one of us is an infinitely tiny – but with equal power to The Whole we are told – of God Himself/Herself/Itself. Our highest concept of this God falls infinitely short (that word infinitely occurs a lot in this sort of essay, I’m sorry) of what God is. We are far, far greater than we think we are.

Infinite layers, ranges and dimensions beyond our ken

In the Conversations with God series of books written by Neale Donald Walsch, even the God who presented those great messages to Neale eventually admitted that He, too, had a God. He was not the ‘head honcho.’ This infers, in my interpretation anyway, that there are infinite layers or ranges of god which go upwards and downwards and outwards in every conceivable and inconceivable direction and dimension. But to get back to “all in the mind.”

The observing itself alters what is being perceived

It has been stated in spiritual literature, and postulated by scientists, that there is but One Mind as far as we human beings are concerned and that everything thought or experience by a human being, alive or dead, is recorded there. There was a term, Akashic Record, but we don’t hear a lot about that today. Now, it’s Quantum Physics, String Theory and the like, and the knowledge that the Observer alters the result of what is being perceived. Many spiritual writers – and even scientist - go further and say we actually create our reality out of our thinking. The Self Aware Universe – how consciousness creates the material world by Amit Goswama, Ph.D gives a more scientific explanation.

We create our own reality either consciously or unconsciously - mostly it's the latter

The idea that we create our own reality out of our thinking seems rather preposterous – when we think about this from our own limited and personal knowledge. However, if we extend this to the whole of the world’s population who are alive today, and add to it the concepts handed down from the dawn of humankind upon this planet, it might not seem quite that way. This is because all human beings would have had some input into the Collective Unconscious. Every discovery and invention would be only a part of its contents. Our very senses, being common to all of us, would also have played their part. For example, if none of us had the sense of taste or smell, our desire to satisfy hunger with something tasty, would be beyond our comprehension. Likewise, if we could not hear vibrations as sound we would probably have developed a different sense whereby we could feel such vibration through or bodies much as, say, certain fish can. Our Collective Human Unconscious would then be quite different.

The Collective Unconscious' contents are available to all

Many a court case has been fought over copyright issues as two or more inventors come up with the same invention at around the same time. Yet it has been worked out many times that neither stole ideas nor data from the other party. The time was right for those ideas to be ‘whirling close’ in that time in our history. For example, in the invention of the heavier than air flying machine. People had been working on it for years without success. But now, with the giant Zeppelins dominating both the skies and creating the idea of man-made flight in so many minds, the time for the heavier than air ‘secrets’ were there for the seeker. An open mind, willing to accept any notion and try it out, brought into being some obvious truths. Wind over a curved wing will keep a bird aloft without their having to flap those wings. Observe a seabird above a cliff catching the up draft and hovering for minutes without a movement of its wings. The bird ‘planes’ on the wind.

From the simplest of concepts can come life-changing technologies

The idea comes: “What if we can move a craft forward and have the wind blowing over a shape like a wing?” After all, we now have engines which can propel ships with paddle wheel or screw. Maybe we could push or pull a heavier than air machine forward to create that wind.” Such ideas occurred to many creative people all over the world around that time. Even today there is controversy as to who came up with the idea of an aero-plane first. But human egos and the grasp for kudos, and money aside, it does not matter to the rest of us who came up with the basic idea. We all benefited. And that idea came out of the mind common to all human beings, what Carl Jung called the Collective Unconscious.

No one has a monopoly on ideas

In the field of short wave radio communications, Heaviside in England, and Kennelly in the United States both discovered the effects on the radio waves radiated into the lower levels of the Ionosphere at the same time. Then, shortly after, Appleton came up with other layers further out in space. The speciality of Ionospherics came into being. When everyone was thinking ‘wireless’ and why it worked over distances, inventors were not only making discoveries as to why it worked but how to make it work better.

Who knows what the future holds...

It has been said, and I’m one who believes it, that anything that can be imagined by a human being can eventually become a reality. Some of this won’t happen seemingly overnight – but some of it will. ‘Beam me up, Scotty.’ Seems to be beyond us – at the moment. So, too, does using the gravitational pull of the Moon to launch space craft. But who knows what the future holds?

The grand dichotomy - We are separate and we are one

We all have both our own limited mind and access to the Collective Unconscious. Our personal mind limitations are subject to our interpretations of what is possible and what is not. We build the parameters. We put the bricks in thewall. There is this belief among many, especially people of a skeptical nature, that those who keep an open mind and ‘rule nothing out’ are simply naïve, unscientific, or plain stupid. But it is generally those naïve, unsophisticated people, who haven’t read up on all the latest scientific literature on what is not possible, that start from a different base line and often make the breakthrough

A closed mind closes off creativity

It was said that ships of iron would never float; everyone knows that iron is too heavy to float. Nearly 2,000 years ago a famous Roman general once stated that all weapons of war that could ever be invented had already been invented. There would be nothing more forthcoming. It was said that a man on a fast horse was the speediest way to pass accurate information from one place to another. It couldn’t ever be improved on. How wrong they all were.

There is a giant collective mind available to us all

Now we have the Internet which is allowing more and more of what is coming out of Humankind’s great Collective Unconscious to manifest firstly as ideas, and secondly as a working concepts. Many of these will become things and services we can all use. We live in a burgeoning era of ideas and concepts which will change the world beyond all recognition to those of us who are alive today – providing, of course, we can rule over our own ego selves and plug for The Whole rather than our own individuals selves and our immediate circle of family and friends. ‘Act individually, think globally’ is a current catch cry. It is very apt. We now need to accept the concept that there is a Giant, Collective Mind available to us all. We need only to tap the well of our own innate creativity. By keeping our personal beliefs open to any idea that pops up and rejecting none of it out of hand, each one of us can contribute both to our own happiness and to the common weal. What a wonderful time in which to live!


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  • peachpurple profile image


    3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

    all of our minds are always thinking deep , some shallow, some not thinking at all.


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