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Allama:Muslim reformer

Updated on December 30, 2017

There is no denying the fact that Iqbal was a great revolutionary, a poet and a philosopher, but it is equally pertinent to know the many twists and turns that consumed his personal life-so to reflect on him and his work better.

Early life:

Allama Iqbal was initially educated by the tutors of languages, writing, history, poetry and religion. He graduated in 1897, by that time he had become proficient in several languages and had achieved dexterity in writing prose and poetry. His poetic themes and words amazed the people.

Political Life:

As Allama Iqbal was the lawyer and poet he prorated his time in poetry and law. Iqbal had pressured rapid and earnest with Muslim league. Iqbal contested for a seat on the Punjab legislative assembly from the Muslim district of Lahore by encouragement of his friends and supporters in November 1926. Luckily he demolished his opponent by margin of 3,177 votes. He strained with Agha Khan and other such Muslim leaders to mend the aberrant separations and accomplish unity in the Muslim league. He sustained Indian involvement in World War I, and stayed in proximate touch with Muslim political leaders such as Mulana Muhammad Ali & Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Religious Life:

To the consternation of Muslims who celebrate the legacy of Iqbal as one of the great 20th century thinkers- Allama Iqbal in between 1897 to 1931, lived as an Ahmadi. He bore allegiance to the Ahmadi community at the hands of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and soon after his death, he (Iqbal) renounced his association with the group. The latter years of his life, he lived as a Muslim. Maybe had he remained an Ahmadi, today in our national narrative there would have been no Iqbal.

Fascinating Married life:

It is through the work of Khalid Sohail, an expert psychiatrist, titled: “Ek Mehbooba, teen biwiyan, chaar shadiyaan” that we have exclusive insights on Iqbal’s married life. The title speaks volumes about how unfortunate he remained in terms of a stable married and love life. His first marriage consummated, at the tender age of 18, to Kareem Bibi was against his wish. Ten years after his marriage, leaving his wife behind, he travels to Britain to pursue higher education and ends up falling in deep, passionate love with Atiya Faizi. After completion of three years of education in Britain, Iqbal returns to Hindustan in 1908. There follows exchange of letters between the two lovers, Iqbal expresses his discontent towards his first wife and opens his heart to Atiya. Atiya concerned about Iqbal’s mental well-being suggests him to consult a psychiatrist instead and rejects Iqbal’s proposal. To recover from the rejection, Iqbal chose to just get married again and this time to Sardar Begum. Owing to her scandalous character, Iqbal in 1913 marries the (allegedly) daughter of a renowned doctor of Ludhiana, Mukhtar Begum. The third marriage also brought along certain credible disappointments, in 1924 Mukhtar dies pregnant. Soon after Iqbal, upon confirmation of Sardar Begum’s pure character remarries her again, in redemption, and her undying love for him.

Relationship with M. Ali Jinnah.

Allama Iqbal and Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the hope for the entire Muslim population at the time of partition their existence revealed the secret of Muslim identity. Iqbal firmly believed that Mohammad Ali Jinnah was the only one who can struggle for the independence for Muslims and their religious values and objective of Islamic ideology. Iqbal's believe and influence brought back Jinnah from London to fight for the freedom of Muslims from British India. On the death of Iqbal, Jinnah remarked:

"This man was the light in the darkest star of the struggle, he stood like a rock in front of hard times with Muslims."


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