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Amazing Blue Whale

Updated on October 15, 2014

Blue Whale Geography

Blue whales lives in the open occasion from the tropics to the drift ice of polar water. Blue whales and other large whales also have important ecotourism value. Illegal hunting of blue whale is continue in different parts of world.

Whale hunger are using big fishing boats equipped with latest technologies to hunt and kill blue whales despite tough international laws this cruel technique is still continue and only few thousand whales are remaining.

Blue Whale is World Largest Mammal

pharmaceutical industry. A single blue whale could provide seventy to eight barrel oil. Blue whales and Blue whales heavily hunted for blubber and oil some parts of blue whale are also used in other baleen whales are important predators of krill's.

Blue whale is world largest mammal. Some blue whales are ninety feet long and their weight is more than one hundred seventy tons it is largest animal on earth. An average blue whale is about the equivalent size of twenty five small elephants. Its heart alone big as small car.

The Largest Blue Whale

Blue whale calf is about twenty three feet long and weight is about 2700 Kg. The largest blue whale ever recorded is estimated to have measured in 115 feet in length. Recent report revealed that above ten thousand blue whales are still alive in world wide.

Approximately two thousand blue whales live off the coast of California and migrated to Mexico and Costa Rica. Scientist estimated that Blue Whale can live at least eighty years. Blue whales have been found in any occasion of world. Blue whales can swim individually and in small groups.

Blue Whale Food

Blue whales are found in blue gray color with spots on body. Blue whales are protected through the international law but illegal hunting of blue whale is still continue in different parts of world. Whales communicate regularly each other by different type of sounds.

Sounds travel better in water than compare to air. Blue Whales have a very good sense of hearing.Blue whale found in high food rich areas. Blue whale can eat up to eight thousand pound krill per day or as much as forty million krill per day.

Blue Whale

What is approximately age of Blue Whale?

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Interesting Facts About Blue Whale

Some Interesting facts about Blue Whale

  • Age approximately 80 years
  • Weight 70 to 120 tons
  • Living Style single and groups
  • Total Population 8000 to 12000

Kinds of Whale

Blue Whale
100-120 tonns
Southern Right Whale
20 m
96 tonns
Sei Whale
16 m
Humpback Whale
12.09 m
Minke Whale
9 m
7 tonns

Blue Whale in Pictures


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