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Ever heard of these traffic laws..!!

Updated on October 23, 2014

If the words “seriously!” Or “what?” never came to your mind while listening or understanding traffic laws, you surely need to go through this. Here are some amazing traffic laws that can blow your mind. Just sit back and enjoy

Sorry, no Gorilla

If you are in massachusetts, it would be illegal if you let a Gorilla to ride at the backside of your vechile. So keep your Gorilla home next time you go for a ride.

Not on Sundays

If you are to purchase a car in Colorado, try not to go on Sundays, car dealers can refuse to show cars on Sundays.

No dogs on roof

You cannot strap your pet dog to the roof your car of if you are in Anchorage, Alaska.

Don’t drink and eat

If you cannot survive without eating or drinking while driving, don’t go to Cyprus. Yes its true, eating or drinking while driving there is illegal.

Clean cars please

Do you generally keep your car clean or dirty? Yes, you thought right. If you don’t keep your car clean and drive it on road, you will get fined in Russia.

No feul?

What is the condition of your feul tank? You can drive your car on your estimation and there is no need to think so much about feul tank but wait, if you are in Germany’s Autobahn because there if you run out of feul then you are trying to break the law because runing out of fuel is an redundant thing.

But the headlights

Sweden is one of the best countries in the world to live but if you are on road driving then you have to keep headlights on the whole day and night. Yes the lights are legally required to be on 24 hours a day. May be because in certain parts of the country, the sun never sets.

And the other spex?

Do you have weak eyes? Are you wearing vision prescription glasses? You have to legally keep an extra one if your are driving in Spain.

But the driver is drunked

Does your driver drink and drive? Or you ever entered a car whose driver was drunk and you thought why would I be caught if I am not drunked!! You can be caught in this case if your are in Japan. Passengers in the car not drunked with a drunk driver can also be punished. God they are making it so difficult to drink these days!!


Can you imagine a speeding fine of 12.5 million dollars? Yes it happened in Finland to Mr Vanjoki, the director of Nokia in 2002 for driving his Harley above the speed limit. The then speed of the bike was 47 mph in 31 mph zone and this thing happened because in Finland traffic fines are, amazingly, taken out as a percentage of the offenders income. So if you are thinking to commit this crime there, please alow your income to go down as much as possible.

Sorry, you cannot drive

A female in Saudi Arabia is not allowed to drive. Families have to hire drivers to and those who cannot afford have to rely on male members to drive them to places and amazingly Saudi Arabia is the only country with this kind of law.

Don’t shout

On roads you find all kind of drivers, sometimes you shriek and shout at some, but NO you cannot in Rockville, Maryland as it is illegal to curse in open. You can be fined up to 100 dollars.

Buy a new underwear?

One of my personal favorite, in SanFrancisco, it will against the law if car is wiped in the car wash with a used underwear. Well I don’t know who wipes a car with an underwear irrespective of the fact that it is used or unused. So if one wants to wipe a car there with an underwear, better buy a new one, but then, everyone has personal choices.

Look at the plate number of car

Another amazing License plate law in Manila, Philippines, to which the logic went above my head says that cars whose license plates end with 1 or 2 are not allowed on roads on Mondays, 3 or 4 on Tuesdays, 5 or 6 on Wednesdays, 7 or 8 on Thursdays, and 9 or 0 on Fridays. What in the logic behind it or what aim it has is unclear.

Don’t follow rules you’ll be fired

A Matatu driver was fired for observing traffic rules. Case was that he was not stopping at undesignated places to pick passengers. He doesn’t overload and that he even indicates when changing lane which kills the battery. He was being too different from other driver on the roads thus bringing disgrace and hence was fired.

Gone topless, fined

A common practice to go topless and drive is among the youngsters but if you are in Thailand you are fined. Is that a fashion?

The longest traffic jam

Did you know that the longest traffic jam in history occurred in China in August 2010 which lasted for almost 12 days stretched almost 100 kms. So next time you stuck in a jam, thank god it was this one otherwise you would have spent half of your life with your car!!

© 2014 Akshay Singh


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