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Ambivalence, the Plague of Movement

Updated on June 17, 2013

Ambivalence, the Plague of Movement

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Ambivalence is the plague of movement and growth. It is the disarming attitude of doubt and uncertainty that chooses not to invest in life and remain neutral and inactive. Ambivalence is the death of attainment by surrender and contradicts decision.

Life has no place for ambivalence as it promotes the uncertainty of action. We make decisions every day and learn from the poor ones as with the appropriate. Being stuck between two directions is more ineffectual than choosing wrongly because we learn nothing.

Ambivalence can be caused by fear rather than a lack of care or misgiving. The inner conflict it can create brings to the surface the inequities in our character, the lesser understood fears that subconsciously drive us to respond in repetitive ways. Without facing these differences that impact our lives negatively, we simply continue to repeat them. The stance of ambivalence is often a shell, not just a doubt but a self-protection to avoid making decisions and potentially fail.

We are complex beings and many of our gestures point to flaws apart from the intent of the gestures themself. These types of ironies are commonplace in our psychological makeup and as I said are indications of problems and barriers to understanding ourselves.

To overcome the fear-driven responses to decisions, we must learn to be decisive in action and live with the outcomes. Should the decisions fall short of success, the lessons learned far outweigh any negative impact. And surely that is more sensible than remaining in confusion or casting them aside carelessly.

Life is a process of movement, of learning and progression, evolving from one state to another. Our thoughts and decisions are the mechanism of this forward course and ambivalence has no real role of importance. It is far better to cultivate a decisive manner and with consideration follow through with every aspect of life choices. This is how we grow.

Fears, both conscious and unconscious can hinder this process by flooding us with doubt that has nothing to do with the present decision. These echoes of the past need to be understood: where they come from and how inappropriate they are now. Only then can we relinquish them to remain as inactive past and therefore without influence.

So next time you procrastinate or become ambivalent about something, ask yourself why and then approach it from a different perspective. We can by nature become lazy with our thoughts and hide from any effort or action. This can create difficulty and strife. Becoming decisive is a positive affirmation of taking life head on and can make life so much easier. Please consider?


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