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American Hemegony Hold And The Resources Keeping It There

Updated on February 8, 2014

The United States has many tangible and intangible resources that maintain its somewhat loose grip on their hegemony control. The objective sources of their power can be summed up to the land in which it sits on, as well as the people that protect it. The United States has mild weather that is good for farming, as well as fertile soil to do it on. The ability to feed its population is a huge source of power, that many countries cannot claim. There is also many natural elements here that we can put to use, except for rare earth deposits that only a few countries have. We have substantial oil, salt, coal, as well as many other natural resources.

The United States military is one of the largest and uses the newest technology. We also have nuclear weapons and are not afraid to use them to defend ourselves. This in itself, the will to protect oneself no matter the cost, may be the root of our biggest international power.

Subjective power comes in many forms as well, our people, as well as the ability to help others, are a couple of our other sources of power. Freedom of speech, paired with the World Wide Web, makes information easy to get and exchange. This has made ideas spread faster, making life and ideas easier to share.

With the spread of knowledge, humanitarian efforts have been many of very public in the United States. This country has always been the helper to other nations, government, as well as private non-profits. This is why so many have came to this country for asylum, as well as for food when their populations are starving. The show of compassion has given us a sense of power and prestige in the world, that our country will do what is best for the world, although that may not always be true.

So our country is at the top for a reason, the same reasons that we are still on top. We have enough resources ourselves that we don’t need much from others, this gives us a bargaining tool because we don’t have to pay what they say, we have choices. Our military power is undeniable, as well as our willingness to use whatever force we have available. Our people and our technology are also a power. Our populations willingness to help and share information, is a huge power in many eyes in the country. As well as our rights to do so.


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    • Remigijus profile image

      Remigijus 4 years ago from London

      What about the fact that the Chinese are quietly buying up America and thus indirectly yet eventually financing its army? So much for the biggest power in the world which needs hard cash from aside to maintain its power. :)