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Amur leopards

Updated on August 16, 2017

According to Alta Conservation there are only about 40 individual Amur leopards left in the wild today. This year leopards have a lot of problems that they face in their natural habitat that should not be happening. Many Amur leopards are endangered because of the threats that they are facing in the modern world.

The livelihood of Amur leopards are in trouble. Poaching, logging, forest clearing, wildfires and more are all human made causes. The Kedrovaya Pad is in Russia and it is a reserve that is used to safeguard the Amur leopards from being harmed (“Kedrovaya Pad”). Only 7% of the Kedrovaya Pad have burned in the past year, but in the past six years 21% of the pads have been burned (“Distinguishing beauty….”). According to Drakehs, overall, 80% of the Amur leopard habitat has been lost, some of which should not have happened because Amur leopards should have environmental protection as an endangered species (“Distinguishing beauty….”). Other environmental issues threaten the Amur leopards as well.

The threats toward the Amur leopards are just disgraceful. The Amur leopards lost 80% of its former territory and there has been mineral/coal extraction (“Amur leopards- WFF”). Many Amur leopards have been displaced and poached for, when their habitat should have been a safe environment.

The Amur leopard is very rare in this world. While they are not always seen in their own environment, they can be found in a temperate forest area located in southern area’s of Russia (“Amur leopard factfile….”). The ideal temperature is extremely cold and they can endure harsh winter’s (“Amur leopard-Amur leopard facts”). Many may not know the biology of Amur leopards, so it is important to find out.

It is significant to know the real biology of Amur leopards in order to save their lives. Leopard’s weigh a lot, according to Atla Conservation, females can weigh up to 43 kg and males can weigh up to 48 kg. The interesting thing is when Amur leopards give birth, they produce at least four baby cubs in one litter (“Amur leopard factfile….”). Despite the large number of cubs produced, these creatures are extremely vulnerable.

Even though there are only a small number of leopards left, with more awareness this species may be able to live successfully. This intriguing creature should be able to stay alive because the leopards produce cubs, and in order for the cubs to have successful lives, like their parents, they need to be able to live without being harmed. The threats that are being thrown at leopards are a problem that contribute to them being endangered. Understanding these creatures with help them to stay alive.


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