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An Ancient Society Rome

Updated on December 6, 2012

Ancient Rome Facts

Human history has many stories of ancient societies. Just like the changing of the seasons, civilizations has risen and fallen in and out throughout history. Some societies rise to unmatched power, like Rome. The rise and fall of the Rome Empire changed the world forever.

For over 2000 years, Rome was considered the center of the world. Millions of people lived and die in Rome leaving science, art, and technology for current use today. Here you will find a peek into the Rome society.

Family Life In Ancient Rome

The Roman family structure was similar to what family structures today are.  Most households consisted of a Father, Mother and children.  Some wealth Romans also had slaves.  Roman fathers held the highest position within the family.  Unlike today, fathers dictated who their daughters would married, selling their unwanted children into slavery, or kill undesired family members.  Husbands for daughters were typically picked before the daughter reached her teen age years.  Romans typically married before they turned eighteen years of age.  However, men where almost always older than their spouse.  Little known fact -- divorce was common back in Ancient Rome.  About 1 out of every 6 married couple divorced. 

Social Structure Of Ancient Rome

The social structure in Rome varied on several different levels.  These levels depended upon the Republic and the Empire.  There were four social levels.

Four Social Levels In Ancient Rome

  • Notable - This social level consisted of Senate members.
  • Commonfolk - This social level consisted of those not in a seat of power.
  • Military - This social level consisted of businessmen (surprisingly).
  • Slaves - This social level consisted of prisoners of war, and other people coming from outside of the Roman Empire.

Slaves account for the majority of labor in Ancient Rome.  They are the group of Romans that build most every building -- some still standing today. 

Religion In Ancient Rome

Religion in Ancient Rome was sort of a mixture of previous and current religions.  Some Romans worship Greek gods, and others were Christians.  For the most part, Romans mixed Greek gods, Egypt religions, and Christianity up into a unique ball.  Romans appeared to worship a particular religion depended on what was going on at the time.  For example, if Rome was at war, Romans worship war gods.  Another factor that persuaded religion was the current ruler's belief. 

Rome like other great empires in history did fall.  The rise to power and the falling of an empire is common throughout history.  Today, the United States seems to hold the title "Empire Of the Modern Day".  Will it follow the rules of history? 

Rome - A Look Into The Ancient Society

All About Rome and Its History


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