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An Attitude of Gratitude Heals

Updated on April 19, 2013

One of Dr. Emoto's photographs of a water crystal

The Hidden Messages in Water

The famous scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto, makes a statement in his New York Times bestseller, The Hidden Messages in Water, which the whole world should know about, for it can make such a difference in our lives. Dr. Emoto specializes in Water Studies. Initially he conducted research into the measurement of wave fluctuations in water then, later, turning to the study of ice crystals.

70% of our body is made up of water

You might wonder why the study of water is of such importance to us as individuals. You might wonder what on earth ice crystals have to do with us personally? But a realization that our physical bodies comprise some seventy percent water brings these studies into significance. In a way, whatever happens to water happens to us, and this is especially so when we consider the presence of water within that is held within our bodies. We have water in every cell of our body and the laws applying to water apply certainly apply to us.

Dr. Emoto presenting a seminar

Vapour, liquid or solid, it's all water

Now, we know water can appear to us in three general forms depending on the temperature of its surrounds. It can be water as a liquid, a solid as in ice, or as water vapour where, until it precipitates into a water droplet state where it can be seen in its cloud form, it is invisible but, nevertheless, felt as humidity. In all of these states it is comprised of the same stuff: H2O.

There are no impurities in pure water but where can it be found?

But in that combination of hydrogen and oxygen it is in its pure state. There are no impurities in it. In actuality, as water in its visible state it often contains some impurities – sometimes a lot of impurities. This also pertains to the water we drink. Any minerals or other substances absorbed in the water we drink are absorbed into our bodies.

Another water crystal

The frozen crystal reveals the quality and characteristics of the water

By freezing and studying the water crystals – or the lack of same – Dr. Emoto was able to ascertain the various levels of purity or otherwise in drinking waters taken from all over the world. Generally, those that formed crystals were pure or relatively pure. Those which did not were impure in some way. He found that city water supplies to which chlorine had been added did not form crystals. What he did find, however, is that uncontaminated mountains stream water, when frozen, invariably formed into beautiful, symmetrical crystal shapes. Sometimes they looked as beautiful as a freshly fallen snowflake.

Music, thoughts as words - all affect the water in our bodies and therefore our wellbeing

Dr. Emoto went on to test the results on frozen water in so many ways the mind boggles. He subjected bottles of water to music. He then froze water from that bottle and tested the crystalline outcomes. A great many tests were done. The result: beautiful crystals formed even out of relatively impure water when subjected to music. The Classical music of the masters resulted in beautiful crystals, heavy metal music resulted in shattered and deformed chrystals

Water that has been subject to malicious thinking

Here, the words.  "I hate you and will kill you" were written on a bottle of water.   Above is a photo of a crystal produced from such a thought.
Here, the words. "I hate you and will kill you" were written on a bottle of water. Above is a photo of a crystal produced from such a thought.
Beautiful water crystals, each one slightly different, no two the same.
Beautiful water crystals, each one slightly different, no two the same.

How even our thoughts affect our bodies

The next experiments were so ‘off the planet’ so to speak, that it seems incredible that they were even tried, but they were. It was found that spoken and even written words affected the end result as far as freezing that water and studying the crystallization was concerned. Simple experiments such as writing the words, love, kindness and generosity, or hate, kill and violence et cetera, on a piece of paper and wrapping it around a bottle of water with the words facing in towards the water, affected the water. Kind, friendly words resulted in crystals. Words such as malice, jealousy and the like resulted in badly twisted and distorted crystals, shattered crystals, or none at all. This seems to imply that even the energies contained in the meaning of a word are somehow held within the written word. More than this, those words can radiate those meanings into the water where they are in some way registered.

I will now quote from Dr. Emoto’s wonderful book.

Among the medicines there is none with the healihng power of love


“The human body is essentially water, and consciousness is the soul. Methods that help water flow smoothly are superior to all other medical methods available to us. It’s all a matter of keeping the soul in an unpolluted state. Can you imagine what it would be like to have water capable of forming beautiful crystals flowing throughout your entire body? It could happen if you let it.

“Among the medicines there are none with the healing power of love. Since I came to this realization, I have continued to tell people that immunity is love. What could be more effective at overcoming negative powers and returning vitality to the body?

“However, I have recently felt the need to change my terminology. I know it is not love alone that forms immunity, but love and gratitude.”

Love and Gratitude. This creates the most beautiful crystals of all

Dr. Emoto has photographed and studied thousands of water crystals

Dr. Emoto then goes on to show the reader how he conducted his experiments to come to this conclusion. Of all the crystals ever seen and photographed by Dr. Emoto, and there have been countless thousands, the crystal which forms out of the words and feelings of Love and Gratitude are the most beautiful of all.

To quote him once more: “Of course, the word love alone has the ability to create wonderful crystals, but love and gratitude combine to give crystals a unique depth and refinement, a diamond-like brilliance.”

Feel love and gratitude - feel it often - and you're life will change to one of great happiness

I am tempted to quote more from Dr. Emoto’s wonderful book here but will not. However, I believe that a study of this book, and a general realization of what it is all about – coupled with the scores of beautiful, and not so beautiful, photographs of water crystals – will make a impact on the reader. Love and Gratitude combined – Wow! If the world had more of this what a far happier place it would be.


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  • Scott P Williams profile image

    Scott P Williams 4 years ago from Miami, Florida

    I found Dr. Emoto's book by accident while looking for a book about the health benefits of water. It's truly amazing how water works. Not many people now about this and even less connect the dots and realize that the human body is made of mostly water.

  • Tusitala Tom profile image

    Tom Ware 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Yes, water can do strange things if it's cold enough. In a documentary I saw only a couple of days ago a woman up at Yellow Knife in Canada during mid-winter, threw the contents of a hot cup of coffee into the air and it immediately froze into ice droplets as it fell to the ground. That's cold.

  • Pennypines profile image

    Lucille Apcar 5 years ago from Mariposa, California, U.S.A.

    During WW II years my family and I were obliged to relocate to a tiny mountain village where temperatures frequently dropped to minus 12 degrees F. It was COLD. But a phenomenon we had never before seen was to wake up in the mornings to see big ice-stars all over our windows. Obviously from a tiny drop of moisture generated by our breath. Extraordinary sight. I will never forget it.