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An Eye For An Eye- Appropriate?

Updated on November 25, 2015


Revenge to some can be the most comforting form of justification that a person can have. Other times, revenge is a dreadful thing that can tear a person apart. It could dominate a person’s mind or even their life. In today’s society, we hear of horrible events such as terrorists attacks, people dying, and crime rates skyrocketing. People usually have a general conception that the world is full of bad things and people are held accountable. However, not everyone can be held accountable.

People tend to have biases no matter what. “An eye for an eye” may seem like a proper way of dealing with something, but is it appropriate? A woman is raped repeatedly, yet her attacker goes free. A few months later, the father of the woman kills the attacker’s daughter. Is that ethical? The attacker may have deserved it, but the father turning into a vigilante does not seem appropriate. We have a legal way with dealing with crime; that is why we have a police force. Nevertheless, the legal system dies fail people because of its flaws. That does not provide any ground for justification of becoming a murderer and harming other people.


Morals and the law go hand in hand. If “an eye for an eye” was appropriate, death rates would be higher. The goal of an ideal society is to live in a utopia or almost perfect world. High death rates would violate the perfect world society. People die every day. The cycle of life is a harsh thing, but it happens. It is not up to another human to handle the fate of a being, especially if that person has wronged you in any way. That presents a clear bias on the decision to kill or not to kill.

As a kid, I was taught if a kid bullies me, bully back, but even harder. When this happened, it would make the situation even worse. So, I began telling the teacher and eventually the kid was expelled. Sometimes a higher authority can handle things that we as people cannot. A judge can do more damage by sentencing a person to prison than us risking our lives to harm another person. As soon as a judge sentences a person or even the accused, the community will act differently. The job that the person once had, would be gone. The family and friends would become distant, which isolates the alleged criminal. So, “an eye for an eye” could cost us more than what we bargained for.

"It makes the whole world blind."


What you think and What you know

The pros and cons of having a legal justice system can certainly be different for everyone based on their experiences with how the system worked. If a person never has a run in with the law or hear of any positive things that has happened with the police force, their opinion will probably be a negative connotation. For instance, a little girl who was often beaten as a child grows up without being removed from the home after the police had been called numerous times has every reason to have a negative opinion. However, a person who just heard about the police beatings through the media has no right to give an opinion on the legal system. It’s a one sided track to some people. If you or a loved was harmed in any way, would you want revenge and risk abandoning your loved one or would you want to stick around and protect them? It all varies on a person’s morals.

Just don't do it

“An eye for an eye” may seem like the most proper way of dealing with another person’s wrong doing. Before you abide by that saying, ask yourself, do you want to risk it all? Your happiness, loved ones, family, career, and friends could all disappear based on your decision.


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    • Erin Morris profile image

      Erin Morris 2 years ago from TN

      I have every ground to use Gandhi, because that was his quote. I am mainly focused on the words he used.

    • emge profile image

      Madan 2 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      Nice post, but Gandhi is not the man to be pictured here. He was wily poltician who showed his colors when Bhagat singh was hanged