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An Ideal Land Utopia

Updated on September 18, 2014


Would you want to live in such a society?

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The Ideal Society

What is the ideal society? First, we must of course have what every beauty pageant girl wants is world peace. How could anyone wish for a violent society. The next thing would of course be unlimited resources. We need a lot of everything to provide for everyone. We need capable partners for marriage or reproductive partners. Everyone must be willing to share so no one could get jealous. Guns would not be allowed because they would not be needed. We would all have houses that would be exactly the same size, amount of rooms, bathrooms, and property. Murder and suicide wouldn't even happen because everyone is so happy. What else do we need for this society?

The Premise of Utopia

Utopia is an ideal place for an individual person. It is kind of like your version of the matrix in which it has to exist. Everything you want happens in this place, and you will live in forever bliss. It would most likely be a post modern society located on an island with the most beautiful of scenery. The show Utopia on television allows 15 people to create their own Utopia. They are located in an isolated location for a year in which these people with different background tries to create this ideal place. The results are lacking due to the harsh reality that each person wants their individual society. As an ideal situation you would hope that they would have chosen a better cast to create this soceity, but It is fun to watch them try.

Utopia Problems?

Well ladies and gentleman here is the large portion of our article. You would ask how is having Utopia a problem. First, thing is many people would become bored and unsatisfied with the society, or they would become complacent allowing others to take advantage of them. If you lived in a society in which many people did the same thing and smiling all the time would you like it. A sensible person would say of course not I prefer having a lot of resources and no violence. I am not speaking on that although many people would find those things troublesome. I am talking the human nature of good vs evil. People would always take the opportunity to get more. Some people see people who are complacent and would naturally feel inclined to take the opportunity to become better. This is the same concept of why would a billionaire terminate millions of people just to gain a few more. (Note that this is a rare occasion but still exist). The billionaire can get away with it because under the term of being a fiscally responsible organization they are afforded such luxury. I spoke earlier about being complacent this is where that might be a problem. When people get spoiled on goods they seem to risk it more or not pay as much attention as a person who does not have a lot. (Note this is also just an example not always the case). Next, the bored people might become like teenagers and try to cause trouble. What is a perfect way to become entertaining in a boring singular society? You would of course want to do something that would get people upset. You would do things and cause people to turn on another and clash. This would cause the ultimate problem for this Utopian society called group. People would begin to associate with the others who are similar to them. The function of religion, countries, and even cities have all cultural traits. You can blame these groups for problems but to my earlier point it is natural human instinct. (I am a Christian by the way) One group would choose to go with others who believe in God while others would fight over a similar but different belief. You would also have a group who would fight them and blame them for all the problems. (Sound Familiar). We are not presented with violence due to the natural want for us to become involved in our group. (Have you ever seen someone on a reality show not try for a group and actually be successful in the game?) You see where I am going with this.

What do you think?

This is my ideal portion so I would like for you to comment your thoughts. Do you agree with me about how Utopia evolved into the world we live into today. How do you think we can create a perfect society. Can we? (Note this is an Utopian hub so please don't get too violent in opinions) In the meantime of you gathering your thoughts just enjoy a clip of reality tv trying it's best impression.

Enjoy Utopia


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    • Trevor McCullum profile image

      Trevor McCullum 3 years ago from Mississippi

      I've been watching it, and it's pretty good. It's funny and entertaining but I don't think most people know it's on or it would have better ratings. It comes on tonight if anyone reading is interested

    • AliciaAH profile image

      Alicia Alarco-Hernandez 3 years ago from Old Bridge, New Jersey

      I love this article and look forward to watching the reality show Utopia, I'm a reality junkie. I agree with you that Utopia would evolve into the world we live today because we did create our own world. Our ancestors started the process but we carry their DNA, their beliefs, values and etc . We carry their energy which is how we would create the same world we live today. However people will try to create a new life at first but their egos will come out and that's when they'll force their opinions, rebel, control, divide into groups and create our world today. It will take an awaking of consciousness to create a Utopia. Egos must be tamed to create a peaceful, loving, harmonious new world. Thank you for your article very interesting.