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An Interesting Take on Transformers

Updated on April 8, 2012

I was minding my own business....

Today I was minding my own business. I was fooling around on my iPad. My children decided to regale me, at the top of their speaking registers about transformers. I assume that they were referring to the latest movies about them although it could have been the cartoons they were talking about. I listened for about as long as I could stand before my curiosity got the better of me.

They kept talking about the auto bots and decepticons as though one side was bad and the other side was good. I hadn't received the memo that Hollywood had started teaching morality. My two sons knew the names of the majority of the characters and had a pretty good bead on the plot line of the version they had seen. I thought they knew what they were talking about so I asked them, "What makes the Autobots good and the Decepticons bad?" They couldn't give me a straight answer.

My memory isn't that terrible. I have seen the cartoons. I always understood that these two groups were and apparently still are at odds. I get that one side is the under dogs. I get that this world's existence usually hangs in the balance of their war. I am still not sure which side is really good or bad. I understand that the script writer usually makes the Autobots seem cuddly away from the action but they aren't really fair in their portrayal of the Decepticon. You never see them at tea or on their spare time. Every time you see them, they are doing the normal things one does in war. Controlling territory is normal.

Mining new tech is normal. Deceiving your opponent is normal. Why they bother hiding is unknown as the Decepticons seem to have the upper hand in military might. The autobots don't seem to hide well or at all. I also always found it odd that neither the good guys or the bad guys ever seem to work with responsible adults to achieve their aims in the cartoons. In the movies they over compensate for this. Just about every agency that kill things and break people get in on the action. It gets to feeling like an ad for government employment and military recruitment.

It seems odd that the Autobots hide behind populous and humans and the Decepticons go for out and out warfare. Sure one can say that Autobots are out to save the planet but they brought the fight here to start with. They destroy their world and hide things all over ours. I am not clear on the concept of genesis or procreation. But then that might be a sticky subject. Then there is the hypocritical right to rule by majority vote. By definition, the auto bots are expatriates of Cybertron and traitors to the governing will of their kind. They are assassins many times over. They make an art of selling out the secrets of their kind to foment rebellion against Megatron who by cenimagraphic evidence has a greater majority of transformers at his side and thus is the rightful ruler. True, Megatron is clearly an imperialist but only waspms are allowed to be justified in such philosophies.

Back to the question of the good guys verses the bad guys. It would seem that the major defining point in this is political as well as darwinistic patriotism. We root for the side who's political views favor our most comfy situation. There really is nothing moral here, only humanists brawling for Hasbro to make a few extra bucks on a toy that has been reinventing itself since the cold war.


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