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An Introduction to Eternity: Sound Theory

Updated on March 23, 2015

Which Came First?


The Endless Enigma

“Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” This has been an enigma that has humored mankind since its origin. So which did come first? Within the simplicity of the answer lies the key to all eternity. From the “The Big Bang” theory to mankind’s walking balance to the miracle of birth, all secrets are revealed as we discover our place in this God created universe.

The answer to the endless enigma is “the eardrum.” All things are manifested and materialized though sound.

In the Beginning...

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. God created man. God SPOKE. His voice was HEARD. Amen.

Life Begins...

So life begins with a right eardrum, regardless of the physical size “in the beginning.” The creation or being within creation devlops with ultimately two drums, with development “in between,” each functioning oppositely equal until balance is achieved and the creation or being is completed. The drums function by acting as receptors to their surroundings of sound. Sounds are frequencies or waves, many of which are not audible.

In life there is an evolution to sound and truly, all things. For "Life, [time and sound move] not backwards nor [tarry] with yesterday" - Gibran. This is what causes growth of beings and everything within God's creation. Different beings “hear” different sounds, all with one origin: God. For human beings, there are waves and frequencies of life and there is also a frequency to death, if one believes in death. If one can survive a death frequency, life is physically eternal.

The Key to Eternity...

The key to understanding eternal life is to understand how the eardrums work, oppositely equal. Viewing the following diagram, note that there are minimum and maximum frequencies that are detected by a drum. As one drum receives a maximum, the other drum receives the opposite equal. This is sound attraction. Balance, such as for walking and what is audible, is detected by the center of the drum: balance between the two. Between the opposite equals a “balance” is achieved.


In understanding the foregoing, and the “imagination” of God, all things are created. God is a beautiful mind. God’s imagination is witnessed in the beauty and magnificence of all things in this universe – and universes beyond. He created it with sound.

The Sound Around Us


Hence, the SOUND: It was "GOOD."

Amen. | Source


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