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An Ocean in North America

Updated on April 10, 2020

North America Ocean

North America Ocean
North America Ocean | Source
Jurassic Seaway
Jurassic Seaway

Planet Earth

The earth is 4.543 billion years old, according to scientists. In the millions of years since then, many geological eras have passed. Continents ave separated, mammals have gone extinct, and humans have arrived. The earth has gone through numerous periods. Some scientists have theories that with continued tectonic activity, eventually, the earth will return to just one continent. But, if that happens, it will be millions of years.

The Western Interior Seaway happened during the mid-cretaceous period when an arm of the Arctic Ocean ran south to the Gulf of Mexico.

Earth is now in the Holocene period, also known now as the Anthropocene, or "Age of Man." Some scientists are calling this the 6th Mass Extinction" or the on-going extinction of species as a result of human activity. Species are going extinct 100 times faster. Wild animals have been halved, and humans have doubled.

The Western Interior Seaway separated the North American continent into two parts. Hard to visualize an ocean where today there are mountains, rock formations, The sea measured 620 miles wide and 2600-3000 feet deep.

Imagine discovering the most abundant sea turtle fossil found in South Dakota!

The period of the Western Interior Seaway lasted about 60 million years. Then with the tectonic activity and fluctuations of the sea level, the sea gradually disappeared and began the uplifting of the mountains to form the Rockies. Scientists have continued to study the fossils found.

Ron Blakey, Professor Emeritus at Northern Arizona University, has spent 30 years studying and mapping the geology of the world. He is a respected authority on the evolution of the earth.

Map Showing Humans vs. Animals 10,000 yrs aho

This map shows statistics of humans vs. animals both 10,000 years ago and today. The percentage of humans increases from 1% to 32%.

The percentage of wild animals decreases from 99% to 1%.

This a critical shift and can be accounted for as the destruction of habitat, deforestation, pollution, and humans.

Some Marine Life of the Western Interior Seaway

Marine life and animals existed that left fossils but are extinct now, such as plesiosaurs, mesqsaurs, phehedus, xiphactinus, hesperornis, inoceramus, and, squalicoray.

Squalicorax, xiphactinus, inoceramus, plesiosaurus

Inoceramus | Source
plesiosaurus | Source

Marine Life in Western Interior Seaway

Squalicorax sharks have a body similar to the Gray Sharks of today but with the teeth similar to a Tiger Shark. The Inoceramus is similar to the winged pearly oysters with a thick shell of "prisms."

References researched

Some of the sites researched include:


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