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A Theory

Updated on May 19, 2017
The wide open spaces
The wide open spaces


I like to ask the question,"What If ", in some of my writings.My new version is about the progression of civilizations and the possibility that we may be one progressive result of what began as multiple civilizations, occurring more than several million years ago on this planet. What if the beings with dwellings on the floor of our oceans around the world are actually us, except more advanced species of us. Suppose they advanced in their development and achieved a grand form of a civilization capable of surviving, and with huge advances in technology and have learned to utilize the security of the deepest oceans, and are guarded by immense pressures in the depths to prevent outside disturbance from intrusion by beings, such as us, at this point.

Suppose that these form of beings have lived in peace on the ocean floors for eons and have taken every precaution to remain there undisturbed? What if they have influenced our development as fellow human beings so that we may prolong the races and keep human kind in existence? Could they police our development and impede the wrong choices and persuade us as superior intelligence, that we should do or not do a certain thing in our developments?

There are many possibilities here and what the human mind can conceive should always be respected as a possibility. What if there were multiple past civilizations that have evolved to be less than our own in progression or even much more advanced? Maybe we could be the latest and one of the greatest and have survived for good reason. This does not dispel the belief in God or a creator. It only suggests that we may be just one of a race of human beings that have made a go of our creations and what we may see or even be visited by below the sea, or what we see as from outer space in origin.

Would we not be naive to think that we are the only ones created on this planet and have been given the opportunity to development into what we have now become as human beings?We have records of past human societies that populated the earth thousands of years in the past, but could there not be records to uncover that there were people of our own race , perhaps millions of years in he past and that a good many forms of their civilizations developed and possibly succumbed to natural disasters or even self- destruction, as we may well be faced with now in our own times.

We have found relics or fossils in he form of devices that could only dbe describe as highly technological in development. A form of computer and other devices were found in the depths of the sea of civilizations gone by. What if there is other proof of just such ancient peoples? We have many undersea structures that indicate mankind was around much longer than we have given him credit for. These were found in many locations around the world and show highly civilized forms of people that have created the structures on the sea floors, in the form of intricate walls and paved roadways and with precise fittings of the stone slabs that make up the structures.

The strange craft that have been seen by humankind for centuries, coming in and out of the oceans and with a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from fifty feet in diameter to hundreds of feet in expanse, have mystified people around the world for a long time. Our own military has witnessed these craft of no known origin, and the source for this is internet articles, television documentaries and educational television and have proven to be reputable in their origins testified to by men and women of the highest integrity.

Several books have been written on the subject of these U.S.O.s, or Unidentified Sea Objects, and many reputable witnesses have been identified and testified to what they saw as these unusual craft. These craft were able to travel at super speeds not able to be duplicated by today's technology and many made sharp right angle turns or sudden changes in acceleration and directions unlike anything ever made by mankind. These sightings had to be of a people of higher technology than our own. Could they be us, except thousands or more years in advance of what we have reached in our own development? They must be an intelligence of some kind.

Past civilizations have risen and fallen over the centuries, that we have records about. These have been in a time frame that we could comprehend. Might it be very possible that ancient civilizations who have managed to survive on he sea floors have had great influence of our present race of people? Because we are endowed with intelligent minds that we have developed into formidable thinking capabilities, we can only ask about the possibilities. Only time and mankind's incessant need to know why and about all the mysteries he has encountered over the ages, will afford us the answers to our curiosity? All we may say is.."what if?"


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