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An apology

Updated on February 23, 2015

Good evening, dear readers! And good evening, KASAMA and supporters! Yes, it has come to this. It seems that I've stirred up a hornet's nest, wouldn't you agree? It would also seem that I may have inadvertently infuriated quite a multitude of people, though I don't know how many and to what extent. You may have read or have not read my review about SACRED, which was taken down and deleted approximately 24 hours after it was published. I will admit right here and now that, yes, it was unbelievably biased. And that I hadn't gathered enough facts. And that SACRED also had their own Transfagarasan Highway. I also take back what I said about achievements and their importance in being competent. I was writing the review in the shoes of SACRED but I read it in the shoes of KASAMA.

I write this as a declaration of intent. And without further ado, I'll say this in plain English.

I am sorry.

I do sincerely hope and pray that I will be forgiven by KASAMA and their supporters. I also would like to thank KASAMA for exercising an outstanding level of restraint.

Rather worryingly, someone took a snapshot of my blog before I had deleted it. That for me is cause for concern, actually. That means, it may be spread via bluetooth or whatever means there are available in today's technologically advanced era.

Now, that there is a snapshot of the blog, I ask that it be taken out as well. Let us destroy the memory of a discrepancy I caused. I have also gone to FORWARD and asked them if there are any available slots, but most unfortunately, there aren't. So, it was suggested that I write an apology on my blog. That's brilliant. No, really, it is. That makes perfect sense. I wrote online and therefore I shall apologize online.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope and pray that the matter will settle down and be forgotten. And the next year, make no mistake, I'll gather as many facts as is humanly possible before I vote and write a blog. God bless you all and Adelante.

I am sincere about this
I am sincere about this | Source


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