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An Argument for the Idea of Fate

Updated on April 24, 2016


If you read anything that you don't agree with please tell me. Without your input I am limited to only what I can research and think of. With one comment you could shed years from my ignorance.

Motivation for the argument

I thought of this a long time ago and haven't wanted to say it because I was scared of being somebody special, or for upsetting the world view of people. I think it needs to be said so I'm not waiting any longer. I don't think it is possible for a person to be evil. I think that a person is a product of their environment, It's pretty clear to see that as you went through your life the things that you heard, saw, learned or experienced shaped the decisions that you made. I would say that this shaping is absolute. It would seem that people are evil. I would say that what we see as evil in others is actually a side affect of stress, or a symptom of they themselves believing in evil people.

Foundation of the Idea

The foundation of the idea is, At any time in your life, When you are faced with a decision, You will consider the decision. If you have learned to do so, you will judge your previous experiences, what you have been through, what you have learned. If you are a selfish person, You will consider that. If you believe in vengeance, You will consider that. If you believe in anger, You will consider that. Whatever the case,You will make the best choice that you know how to make. That being the case, I don't believe that you could have possibly made a different choice other then the one that you made.

  • Another way to say it is that in anyone else's shoes, You would do the same things as them for the same reasons.
  • Another way to say it is that without everything that happened to you in your life you wouldn't be able to make the choices you make.
  • Another way to say it is that you are a product of your environment.
  • Another way to say it is that for every event there exist conditions that could cause no other event

Compatibility of the Idea

This belief says that Christianity and several other religions could not be legitimate. How could there be a punishment for a way of living if in the shoes of others we would do as they do? I think that that is just too bad. I think that people die and suffer constantly because we assume that other people do things because they are evil. The people of the middle east die because we assume that they are evil, when in reality they have foreign troops in their land, a huge lack of information about why they are there, and everyone telling them they should fight back, meanwhile US troops are killing their family members. What they do with the pipe bombs, it just makes sense and you would do the same in their shoes. I would go so far as to say that even mass killings make sense, but these killers are a product of american society. I don't know what about american society produces people like this but clearly something is pretty wrong about the way that society runs.

Understanding People

This means that if you take something that happened to you in your life and examine it from the angle of each person involved. Lets say that you got a divorce, had an estranged parent, or someone was rude to you. For some reason had you been born into the shoes of the ex-spouse, the estranged parent or the person who was rude, you would have done that to you. You would have divorced you. You would have abandoned yourself. You would have been rude to yourself. If they where born into your shoes then they would have been there being divorced from, being abandoned, or having someone be rude to them. This means soldiers fighting the righteous american battle in the middle east, had they been born into the shoes of the enemy, would be fighting a righteous battle against themselves, while their enemies being born into their shoes would be fighting themselves as well.

I think one of the big problems in society is the belief that people could be evil. How could a person be evil though, If in their shoes you would do the same things for the same reasons? Even if someone where to abuse you, for some reason had you been in their shoes for their life, you would abuse you, if you had lived their life and where standing in front of you. This way of thinking might tempt you to be too understanding of people, but it's not healthy to be abused and you have to respect yourself enough to not let yourself be in an unhealthy situation. Stockholm syndrome kinda makes sense, of course you bond to them even though it seems ridiculous because you would literally do the same thing if you had been in their shoes.


When people get stressed out they go into survival mode. People addicted to opium are often times very good people but as soon as they are running out of drugs they become some of the "worst people" there are. I don't think it is about them. I think it is the survival mode that they go into to avoid withdraw. You can see it other places as well, If someone feels that they really need something they will become very selfish while attempting to obtain it. If you observe a person getting stressed out and then watch where their interests go the more stressed out that they get, It's to correct the stress they feel. This happens in Africa a lot when there is scarcity. It's a big cause of war in Africa. It doesn't make war okay in Africa but I think it makes it understandable.

World Peace

If the people of the middle east, as well as US soldiers understood that they where products of their environment, destined the be in the battle field shooting at each other I don't think that they could do it. I think that the only way that they can kill each other is under the condition that they can believe that the other person is evil and their position is not understandable. I think at any time if we where in another persons shoes we would make the same decisions as them for the exact same reasons. I believe for this reason hate is a product of a lack of information or ignorance so a perfect world without war is possible.

Why the Idea is Intimidating

I've told people of this idea in the past and it scared them because they felt that this way of thinking would make people not take responsibility for their actions because their actions where understandable. Understandable doesn't mean okay though. You must strive to stand up for yourself with understanding.

Emotions Within the Idea

I think that the emotions that you feel are dependent on what you believe in. For instance: If you believe that you need a fancy new car then, If you do not have a fancy new car, You will be very sad. If you think you need friends and, You do not have them, You will be very sad. If you believe that you are better then other people and that that is something that gives you worth and purpose then, You will feel fantastic if you believe yourself to be better then other people.

This way of thinking also clears the mind of guilt and anger and lets you express a genuine love for humanity if you do it right.

  • Anger because it doesn't really make sense to feel angry at someone whom, From their perspective they are doing the best that they can. Also The reason why people get upset at people is because they really think that they are right. Rather then get upset in return, you can listen and find out why they believe they are right. If you can come up with a question, that the answer to, Is the reason why they are wrong, Then you can get through to anyone. If you cannot do that, Then possibly it is you who are wrong. This way of doing things is much more productive then anger, and much more realistic.
  • Guilt because you know that you did the best you could have
  • I think responsibility to own up to the things that you have done that have affected people is still important though. It isn't about admitting that you are a bad person, It is about saying that you didn't know better then, but you do now and you wouldn't do it again. It is a trust building exercise. It gives other people faith in humanity.
  • Love for humanity comes from when you truly understand that people are doing the best that they can, you simply cannot be mad at people. Most of the time what we perceive as someone doing something evil is actually a person who feels wronged and feels the need to lash out to defend themselves. To attack back is to attack someone who is already hurting. I think in reality though, I think the closest that we get to evil, is when we believe other people are evil.
  • If you know that homeless people where born into the shoes to be there, that Donald Trump was born into the shoes to be rich, that Leonardo DiCaprio was born into the shoes to become an actor, you realize that we are all truly equals and the only thing that truly separates us is where we where born in life.

If you don't agree, I welcome you to offer a reason why it is wrong. I've been searching for anything to say it's wrong for years and would love to find a reason.

If You Don't Agree?

Then I understand that for some reason, if I was you, I wouldn't agree either. I don't know why but I don't judge you for it. If you where me you would be here wishing everyone understood. Please leave me a comment letting me know why. From my perspective the difference between our world and the is in you understanding this.


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