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An organisation that shoulders the responsibility of cloning trees to save the planet earth.

Updated on August 24, 2016

trees cloned by AATA


In an era where most of the trees are getting cut down in the name of urbanization, where the smugglers make an illegal business by striking down the most valuable trees and exporting them, here an organization- AATA shoulders the responsibility of protecting this planet from the deadliest effects of increasing pollution and deforestation.

The Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is a US based non profit organization. They are on a mission and what underlines their uniqueness is they don't call it simply a 'mission', they termed it as 'our urgent mission' which is as tough as sowing a seed and see it grow to the size of around 300ft. They clone the age old variety of trees in order to prevent them from extinguishing.

AATA proudly claims to have proved the scientific community, which once declared that the cloning of thousand-year-old trees through propagation was not possible, wrong. Not to speak of proving them wrong, AATA went a thousand steps ahead in carrying their mission forward on an urgent basis by nurturing and growth of the clones into saplings.

Their warehouse is said to have turned out to be a living quarters for thousands of these cloned trees and they are in various stages of development.

And in what can be termed as astonishing, AATA says each of these cloned saplings has the exact DNA of the parent tree and they are cloning a wide variety of ancient trees.

AATA says after the trees are propagated, they are allowed to grow to a suitable size enough to survive in the world and they will be replanted to form an archive where they can safely grow into the future and be available for the future preservation. But these cloned trees are not different from care and nurture what an original tree demands. They demand a complete attention like watering and a time to time check on and to put it in simple words- you must have an eye on them to ensure their best chances of survival.

AATA believes that trees can provide solutions for many environmental malicious hazards that we are about to face in the near future as the maximum percentage of forests are being eliminated in the name of urbanization and the valuable trees are being eradicated by smugglers these days.

Their motto is ‘the right tree in the right place, for the right reason’ and they are confident of providing a solution to the issues like carbon-stacking, greenhouse gas effects, erosion control, watershed enhancement and increasing the wildlife habitat to just name a few. And most of their work is funded by a grant from the National tree trust and some private donors.

When it comes to their success, AATA has already proved its worth by successfully cloning the Earth’s oldest and largest trees, and lately forty coast redwood trees were planted at the Eden Project in the south-west of England and AATA majestically claims that this is the first time a “forest” of these big friendly giants of North America has been introduced to Europe.

Their divine purpose defines their strategy as AATA has been making the schools and universities a part of their purpose by engaging the students in real world problem solving through community reforestation projects and they design classes for children in schools and adult education programs. With these kinds of programs, they are infusing the minds of children with values and importance of nature right from their schooling.

In general, a common man doesn’t have time to plant a tree and water it. Not to speak of planting a tree, we don’t hesitate to cut down a well-grown tree since we have seen people bringing down some giant trees just because they were hampering the signals of their televisions. Though many scientific and NGO communities are reiterating the importance of growing the trees and consistently urging us to take up the maximum number of programs to plant as many trees as possible, how many of us are really caring about our environment?

It’s not easy to plant a tree and take care of it because we know how much amount of effort it takes right from sowing a seed and watering it to see it grow to a size of a full grown tree. Then imagine the amount of effort this organization is putting in cloning a wide variety of thousand-year-old trees and forming an archive to ensure their survival into the future. This proves AATA has been racing to save the world’s great trees before they are gone and they are doing it for the sake of mankind and to save the earth.

I think the entire world is indebted to this organization for what they are doing.


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