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Round Table Conferences failed-another cause of disruption of subcontinent

Updated on February 16, 2012

1st Round Table Conference

The first Round Table Conference which was held in London in 1930 included the Muslim League, the Liberals and the Princes of the Princely States. The Congress did not attend the conference and started the non-cooperation movement. As it was the largest body of India which represent the whole of India no big decisions were made.

The Hindu representatives returned and asked Gandhi to stop the non-cooperation movement and join the next Round Table Conference. He signed the Irwin Gandhi Pact according to which Irwin agreed to release the prisoners while Gandhi agreed to stop the movement.

2nd Round Table Conference

The second Round Table Conference was held in 1931however it failed as Gandhi gave a hard line against the minorities and initiated the whole problem. This resulted in the lost of power of local bodies as well. The British government threatened to pass the act if no solution is reached within few weeks.

Jinnah sitting in front and listening to the views.
Jinnah sitting in front and listening to the views.
A number of representatives from Congress and Muslim League are listening to the proceedings
A number of representatives from Congress and Muslim League are listening to the proceedings

Third Round Table Conference

So to solve the problem in 1932, the final round of discussion started. Lord Irwin was replaced by Lord Wellington who was not ready to listen to the people and wanted everyone to follow whatever he says. Jinnah was not even invited. Before the conference Ramsay McDonald announced the Communal Award which was surely a huge mistake in its own. It declared Muslim majority in Hindu majority areas while Muslim minority in Muslim majority areas.

The Congress clearly was outraged and boycotted it. the Muslims however were weak and at least it was giving them something so they accepted.

These reasons were behind its failure.


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      Suna pactace 2 months ago

      Very good keep it up

      Well done !

      Very nice from my point of view it is to the point answer and very well teached to us

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      Masood 2 months ago

      This is not correct answer .

      I need answer of why round table conferences fail in reaching a constitutional settlement?

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      Junaid khan 2 years ago

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      Unknown 3 years ago

      This is not a right answer in our history book there is written something else

    • NA the great profile image

      NA the great 3 years ago

      thank you all for your suggestions. The primary motive was to highlight the fact that even the Great Britain which was the biggest colonial system at that time failed to reach any conclusive solution in the 3 round table conferences.

    • profile image

      Abdullah Abrar 3 years ago

      Gud info but still more needed

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      Jasim 3 years ago

      The answer is not like an answer it is like what happened at or in the round table conferences.

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      victoria 3 years ago

      i want failures and success plzzzz................

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