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Ancient India Timeline 7000 B.C.E. to 550 C.E.

Updated on December 28, 2013
Indus Valley Civilization (Outline of the present day map is not perfect)
Indus Valley Civilization (Outline of the present day map is not perfect) | Source

Chronology of Ancient Indian History 6000 B.C.E. to 500 C.E.


7000 to 3300: Mehargarh Civilization

6000 to 2500: Indus Valley Civilization

1500 to 1000 : Aryan invasion, Early Vedic Aryan Civilization, Conflicts between Aryans and indigenous people

1000 to 500: Late Vedic Civilization, Composition of Upanishidic Literature, Conflicts between Shramans and Vedic Brahmins

1000 : Iron Age in India

877 to 777 : Life of Parshwanath, the leader of Shramans

642 : Foundation of Shishunag Dynasty

600: 16 Semi Democratic Republic Kingdoms emerge in Eastern Parts of Northern India

599 : Birth of Vardhaman Mahaveer

587-535 : Period of Shrenik Bimbisar, First Magadhan Emperor

563 : Birth of Gautam Buddha

527: Nirvan of Vardhaman Mahaveer

500 : End of Vedic Civilization

483 : Nirvan of Gautam Buddha

424 to 317 : Nand Dynasty at Magadh Empire

326 : Alexander attacks Western India

321 : Chandragupt Maurya rebels against Dhananand, the Magadhan Emperor

317 : End of Nand Dynasty, Foundation of Mauryan Dynasty by Chandragupt Maurya

317-298 : Reign of Chandragupt Maurya

305 : Chandragupt Maurya defeats Selucos Necoter, the General of Alexander the Great

303 : Megasthenes appointed as a Greek Ambassador in Magadh

298 : Chandragupt Maurya becomes a Jain monk and migrates to South India

298 to 274 : Reign of Bindusar, son of Chadragupt Maurya and Emperor of Magadh

274 to 232 : Reign of Emperor Ashok, son of Bindusar

262 to 261 : Emperor Ashok invades Kaling, War of Kaling

232 : Emperor Ashok dies

232 to 190 : Emperor Samprati, Grandson of Ashok rules from Ujjayini (Western and Southern Mauryan)

200: Foundation of Satvahan dynasty at Paithan

190 to 152 : Reign of Kaling Emperor Kharvel

184 : Pushyamitra Shung assassinates Magadhan Emperor Brihadrath

184 to 74 : Revival of Vedic civilization in Magadh, Manusmriti written

166: Coronation of Emperor Kharvel at Kaling

164 : Kharvel defeats Satvahan king Satkarni

158 : Kharvel defeats Pushyamitra Shung, Also defeats Greek invaders

85 : Scythians enter India

66 : Scythians enter Malwa region of India

61 to 57 : Scythians rule from Ujjayini

57 : Vikramaditya defeats Scythians, Beginning of Vikram Era

C.E./ Common Era/A.D.

10 : Foundation of Indo-Parthian Kingdom

68: Foundation of Kushan Empire

78 : Gautamiputra Satvahan becomes Satavahan Emperor, beginning of Shalivahan era calelnder

240 : Foundation of Gupt Dynsaty, Rules from Pataliputra, Magadh

320 : Chandragupt I becomes Gupt Emperor

335 : Samudragupt becomes Gupt Emperor

380 : Chandragupt II becomes Gupt Emperor

450 : Huns invade India


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