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5 Foolproof Ways to Score Better in Assignments

Updated on June 4, 2019
Priya Barua profile image

Priya Barua has found out remarkable ways of studying efficiently and has shared them with the online community.

I have a combination of 5 subjects, out of which 3 of them require an end of year assignment. In my school, assignments are simply a way to dump marks on the students and help them get a better grade. But most schools are not like mine.

I have always liked doing assignments and I take them more far seriously than my test paper. So today, I am here to provide you with 5 foolproof ways to scoring better grades in assignments.

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1. Content

Neatness, designs, and decorations – all these are secondary. The first and most important thing is to have great content. So how do you find great content related to your topic? 3+ sites. The idea is to look for content in at least 3 and more related websites. What most of us do is that we limit our search to Wikipedia and that is okay if you want your assignment to match with your partner’s. Plus the language used in the site is very simple and mainstream. Since this is an assignment, using a bit of creativity in framing and presenting your information always gives a better impression. But don’t make it a P.G Wodehouse book with very long sentences. That again will prove to be very tedious for the teacher to understand what exactly you are trying to say.

2. Neatness & Decorations

Now we come to the secondary factor, i.e. neatness. You might not have award-winning handwriting, but that does not mean that you can’t make it neat. Neatness is one of the key features to appeal to the teacher. Everyone likes reading a neat and clean assignment. Do not scrawl and scratch and if you do-tear off the page and start fresh.

Assignments come in different forms, but the majority of them come in the form of a wedding card inviting you to a big fat Indian Wedding. Spare the teacher from all the excess glitter and awfully bright coloured pens and you will be rewarded for that. From amongst all the wedding cards, a sober and clean project will stand out in the pile.

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3. Structure

Assignments require a structure. The first page needs to have a cover, the second-introduction, the third should contain acknowledgement. Confirm with the teacher on the structure to be followed. Also, don't forget to number the pages. If it's a handwritten project, double check your numbering. You don't want to look clumsy with your work.


3. Analysis

Make a knock-out analysis of the project and that makes the teacher speechless. No, you don’t have to make it by yourself if you can’t. But take the help of the omnipresent internet-research well, read books, ask seniors-and present the analysis. Even if your assignment does not require one, I would still recommend slipping just one page of a concisely written analysis.

5. Prepare for the VIVA

Viva marks are as important as doing the project. Try to predict questions and find out how best to answer them. An ambivalent stand to a question is always vague and confusing. This is what happened to me when I went for my History Viva back in 11th grade. I had made an awesome project on the Reign of Augustus. I had a fairly good idea about most of the questions and I answered them well. And then the teacher asked me to mention two characteristics of Augustus. Imagine that I couldn’t answer the very essence of the project. I did everything except analysing the character of the main guy. I ended up giving a seriously vague answer. So remember the next time you go for a Viva test, be definite on the answers that you want to give.

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© 2016 Priya Barua


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